If I were to make a video take, what subject to use?

I haven't been spitting out many takes lately.

Mostly because I've had nothing to say, but i want to try doing a video take, just to see what kind of response that gets.

So if anyone could help with choosing a topic and what points to cover, id very much appreciate it and i will ensure that if i post it you will get a mention.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Maybe a take showing us how to cook something.

    • Haha my boyfriend reckons i should make a cooking channel on youtube. He says i have the best commentary!
      (I love to cook but it really pisses me off. In a good way)
      Ill take your idea into consideration.

  • Something mind blowing.


What Girls Said 1

  • Is it just going to be you in the video or are you going to invite others to join you? A tutorial is something that could work for cooking or make-up or something along those lines.

    • Most likely just me.

      Nothing makeup, i dont wear the stuff so really the only makeup tutorial id do is how to ruin the stuff! Haha
      I could do something origami but id have to do a lot more practice first and know the steps by heart...

      Cooking seems to be the most liked idea so far though.

    • Origami could be fun, too. :)

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