How do you feel about the anon feature?

I think it's a good feature for people who want to ask or say something they feel embarrassed about, but I honestly feel like it gets misused a bit too much. There is an abundance of people who hide behind anon so they can say anything they want without facing any consequences. Then there are also the people who go anon for no reason at all (go anon to ask people about their favourite food). I think that it should at least be possible to block anons whose questions or opinions you no longer want to see.

Tl;dr: Anon is a good feature but it is gets abused too often.

How do you feel about the feature?

It's quite amusing how the majority of the opinions on this question is... yep, you guessed it: anonymous.


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  • My feeling is that this site should never let someone post anonymously.

    Every post, question, like, opinion, reply should have a username behind it.

    If they want people to have anonymity in posting uncomfortable things, then let those people develop a username that is anonymous to them. And only them.

    Why not?


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  • Yep it gets abused alright.

  • Anonymity is the key to being a cock biting fuck-tard on the internet. How can I be a raging ass if people will know it's me?

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