Do I give bad advice?

I gave an opinion to this question based on my own beliefs that "Least said, soonest mended".

A lady berated me for giving bad advice. What do you girls and guys think of my advice? Good, bad, or indifferent? The general opinions will govern my next move. Thanks for voting.

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I ask for honesty, no matter how blunt. I will not be giving any further opinions until I have made a decision about my future here.
Any comments about my general track record? Again, good, bad or indifferent.


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  • Honestly, I didn’t understand. It felt like you were talking to yourself because you posted three consecutive comments after your opinion (were the comments of others removed?).

    Anyway, I saw nothing wrong with your opinion.
    And generally, I must say, you give good opinions. I've been keeping an eye on you because I liked your other opinions a lot so, I was thinking about following you.


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  • I don't know you, but every time i've seen you answer, you come across as a bit of a know-it-all and at your age, you can't be that, so i think that may rub some people the wrong way...

    • I am blessed with a photographic memory and a good brain. Maybe I am a know it all. Maybe I think I know answers when I don't.

  • You never give a bad advice


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  • Advice is indifferent

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