List some GAGers that you think are GENUINE people?

Whether it's because they don't see u as a sex object or because they give good advice. Whatever your define as genuine


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  • If I'm honest, I spent most of this year wishing I had never come across this site and wondering how different my life would be if I had never joined here. Sure there are a few good people I've met, but the bad has definitely outweighed the good here, no contest. And if I had the choice to go back and not join, I'd take it in a heartbeat. So forgive me, I'm not in a tagging mood.


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  • Well, This is kinda tough because there are lots of great people on here, even if we dont always agree. Here is my list

    @waffles731 because he always posts interesting takesof good quality

    @empatheticlady She is really as her name says

    @Vishna Her advice is usually good

    @ginny_weasley unapologetic, says what she thinks and feels. Plus an awesome personality

    @redeyemindtricks litterally knows everything about everything

    @SweetHomocidalQueen Her mytakes often tell a lot of truth

    There are a ton of others but I"ll just leave this here for now because i"m toodamnsleepy to list everyone and If i did we would be here half the night


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