I don't want someone to find me on here or one of my posts via google using my username. uh?

Can I delete ALLLLLL (I mean all of them) of my posts except my last and only take? Maybe make all posts anonymous? Change username?

I mean something so that someone who searches my gaming name it doesn't pop on google... oh hey, this is Revengercm's stupid post on gag, go check it out!

Please. Only thing I recon it's good opinion is my last my take about leaving everything Revengercm behind.


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  • Some questions may be deleted if they meet certain criteria. You can read about that criteria and how to delete a question in our FAQ here. https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts#61

    Other than that, members cannot delete their own Opinions, Opinion Replies, or myTakes and we also do not remove posts per user request. We only remove content that violates our posting guidelines.


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  • You have to go to EACH post and make it anonymous in order to hide your username.

    As for questions, you can just try your luck to delete them.
    Check this out :- https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts#61

    Good luck :)

    • how do I change every question to anonymous?

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    • Facebook lets me delete really old posts so why can't I do that here? UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!

    • Because this is not facebook?

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  • You can delete questions now.

  • that's why I in general post anon.
    just look up your posts and mark them anon

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