Why Did My Question Get Taken Down?

I posted a Question where I asked if anyone wanted to talk, because I was willing to read and reply and provide insight if wanted, but then it was removed because it was "nonsense".


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  • I do not see the harm of That, and why your Question was Removed, perhaps it Might be Best from the Rest to Contact @GirlsaskGuys and find out Why.
    I see many Inappropriate Questions, even Pix that would not be my own Pick, but they are Somehow Allowed to Stay Up there, with Not one Care.
    My own Advice, @Nice_Guy_Last, don't Make it your Last, Post another Question and Just... Reword it to their Liking.
    Good luck. xx

    • This is the Kind of Good Intervention and Attention we need with someone Talking to someone like yourself in the Comment box. yet, they do not put an Edit button for us to just Delete and even Edit, and Remove what they want and allow to let stay what they want. How silly. xx

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    • O os welcome, and yes, don't give up. It's GAG. lolxxoo

    • Thank you, @Nice_Guy_Last, for the Vote of Confidence. I hope everything will be better here in the future. xxoo

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  • There are people here who are "moderators" who just want to be rats and dobbers and they look for the slightest thing against the rules and if they are correct they are rewarded with points that elevate their status to other levels of moderator. So they're basically like teachers pets to g@g It's actually quite pathetic.

    • Ugh, that's just rude. I was even in the middle of talking to someone in the comments about how to get more leeway with their parents, and I had what I thought was insightful advice.

    • I know and the thing is your question is actually inviting people to do what they came on the site for which is to seek advice.

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  • I have no idea, dude, I don't think that I would personally have removed that :/


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  • While I wasn't the one to hide it and can't give an "official" explanation for it (contact the admins for that via the contact box), I can hypothesize.

    Under "spam" in the FAQ it says "Questions/myTakes only asking for others to chat will be removed as Spam."

    Under "nonsense," it says "Ask me anything!" questions are to be removed.

    So I'm guessing this was a mixture of one of the two dor the reasoning. Again, if you disagree with the decision whoever made, you can contact the admins. If it was just hidden by a mod (not removed), it may be reinstated via an admin anyway if deemed hidden wrongly.

    *before everyone calls me a Nazi and all sorts of anti-mod slang, note I was not the one to hide this. I am merely hypothesizing reasons why 😅*

    • It just seems counterproductive to their stated goal: to have people talk to each other, get opinions, and otherwise get stuff off of their chest. Not blaming you, blaming G@G.

    • Hmm, I think the spam rule was so you don't get a bunch of dudes looking to chat with girls like a dating site. I can understand that one. Just look at the (once popular) app whisper and you'll see a bunch of posts like "M (or F) 20 years old wanting to chat dirty." Shtuff like that would take the site quality down in my opinion.

      As for "ask me anything" questions, I really don't have a problem with em. I think the reasoning for GAG removing them is that they want the questions to be more focused. That, and maybe they want members to ask a separate question on it. Maybe if it was more so like "ask me anything about __*insert subject you're an expert in*___" it would be alright. Or maybe a question like "what's something that you want to get off your chest right now."

      It's all really subjective though.

  • They are called spamming questions and they will be removed. All "Want to talk" posts are removed.

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