How do you delete a question on here?

Or how do you edit it after its been submitted


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  • Once you have submitted a question, myTake, opinion, or comment, you cannot edit it. However, you can delete your own questions.

    In order to delete a question, it must meet certain criteria:
    - No MHO has been selected
    - The question is closed

    Questions cannot be deleted if:
    - The question is highlighted by GirlsAskGuys or is very popular
    - The question is older than 30 days
    - You have already deleted 2 questions in the past 24 hours

    There are two ways to delete questions:
    1) From the single question page, click on the overflow menu in the top right corner and you will see the option to delete.
    2) From your questions page on your profile, you will see a trash bin icon beside each question, click this icon to delete the post.

    The Asker will lose 6 Xper points for deleting their question. However, the Opinion Owners who posted on the question will not lose the points they earned for posting.

    [The above is copied and pasted from the Help/FAQs section of this site.]


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  • Hi! You cannot edit your question after submitting it, but you can delete it after 24hs of having posted it, (you first need to close it). Here's a full explanation on how to close your questions

    Hope it helped!


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  • You can't.

    They want to store all questions for future reference, so that it may help others too.
    You can however disown your question. That means i will go anonymous and won't show up on your account anymore.

  • First your question has to be closed (don't select mho either). Once it's closed go to your questions and there should be a garbage can symbol on the right hand side of the question. Click on it, if you still can't delete it something else is causing a problem.

  • ask a mod

  • Eat it


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