Help with Blockquotes on a myTake?

I'm currently having an issue applying blockquotes to a myTake I'm currently putting together. I get the quotations upside down at the beginning and cannot apply any at the end.. I've looked at the FAQ and GAGtake's tutorial. It's most likely some Monday detail I'm missing out on, but help if you can :)


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  • This is the button:

    There are 2 ways to do it:

    Type the text first, then highlight it, then press that button.

    Hit that button first, then type the text into the blockquote that you've already created.

    I like method #1 better, but, if you're a super visual person, you might want to literally SEE the blockquote as you type it -- hence #2.

    If you do #2 -- typing inside an existing blockquote -- and you want a line break *inside* the blockquote, then you have to hold down SHIFT while you press enter/return.
    IF you just press enter/return then you'll exit the blockquote.

    • I see yr complaint about "opening quote only".

      Are you talking about, like, the pink quote here?

      If so -- LOL that's just what the style of the blockquotes looks like on this website. That's not a functional quote mark... it's just a decoration.
      (The fact that the quote is already enlarged, shaded, and separated from the rest of the text should be enough, basically -- it would be overkill to use actual quotes. Not to mention technically incorrect, unless you're actually quoting someone.)

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    • Thanks yet again.. I consider this take as an interim, a possible lead in into my next take. Or perhaps I possess way too much creative energy and just have to get it out.. Have a great labor day!

    • Tx for the MHLuv <3

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  • If I remember rightly, the quotation marks don't appear at end but they will isolate out into a block so everybody will know it is a quote

    • I forgot the process in case you haven't got that far - Type quote then Highlight it and press quote marks in toolbar, that is way I do it.

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    • Nail on the head.. We may have opposing political views, but you do generally show your wisdom.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I think I know what you're talking about, and I've seen that issue on many myTakes lately where the opening quotation marks are there, but not the end ones. I think it's just the style of them on this website, though it does look odd.

    • Yes it does, based the fact that the opening ones look like they should be the closing.. Redeye and Sariorse helped me out a bit before just deciding to embolden the damn quote and the marks as well lol.

    • That sounds like the best option.

  • Highlight the text you want in the quotes, then click the quotes button.

    • It's still showing up in the draft and preview as end quotes at the start and none at the end..

  • @dragonfly6561

    • If that was meant for me you got my username wrong, and I had already posted an answer... LOL

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