How can I message an admin to delete my question?

I want my question to be deleted but how can I say this to an admin?


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  • Hi! To contact us, you can simply fill out a contact form here.

    However, we do not remove posts per user request. If a question doesn't violate our posting guidelines, we won't remove it. You do have the option of removing your own question though if it meets certain criteria. You can read more about that in our FAQ page here. :)


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  • You can delete it yourself though. First make sure it's closed and then go to your profile's 'Questions' tab and then find your question and select the trash bin. The question won't go off the site entirely but it will be made anonymous and you will no longer receive notifications for it.

    • Just to clarify, when a member removes their own question it is not turned anonymous, it is actually removed from the site and the members' profile. What you are referring to is disavowing which is no longer an option. :)

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    • Since we first introduced the ability to delete a question, we simultaneously took away the disavow feature and replaced it with this.

    • @xHoneyxBeex ok. We learn somethng new every day.

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