Would you copy the description of yourself you have in your profile and share it here?

I dare you to copy (and paste) the description you have on your profile.
Would you copy the description of yourself you have in your profile and share it here?
I'm kinda bored, and I'd like to know to see how you see yourselves.
Before I forget, here is what (currently) is on my GaG profile:

"Little something about me:

• I'm bisexual, I married a bisexual girl.
• I studied Psychology; and Military Administration and Public Security, specialising in Logistics and Transportation. I also have studies in English, and Theatre and Performance.
• I joined the armed forces at age 16, and served for one year as a naval infantry commando.
• I did my internship (as a research assistant) with the police, now I work with them, I'm a plain clothes officer.
• I have two adoptive sisters, two biological sisters, and five step-sisters.
• I have 3 biological daughters, a set of twins aged 6, and a 2-year-old girl; while my wife has a 4-month daughter.
• I'm adopted, given up to adoption since birth.
• I'm 44.375% Asian, 43.75% European, 11.25% Native American, and 0.625% Oceanian"

And here are two unrelated pictures I decided to post for no reason:

(You should do this one, at least once)

Suggestion: Wave at random people out of the blue, just for no reason.


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  • I'm a sarcastic asshole, deal with it.

    Don't want an honest opinion? Don't ask

    Canadian and proud- I live in an igloo, drink maple syrup, ride a dogsled to work and all that good stuff.


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  • Here is mine:

    "Human weapon, killing machine, former Spetsnaz sniper.

    • Straight girl, once married (had marriage annulled)
    • Raised as a human weapon, to become a killing machine; still working on my social skills.
    • Homeschooled until I got into university
    • I studied Medicine, Psychology, and Military Science. Also got studies in Education, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Experimental Biology, Genetics, Psychiatry, Kinesics (Body Language studies), and Acting (Theatre, Drama and Performance studies).
    • 67% European 24.5% Asian 4.25% Native American 4.25% African
    • I have a twin sister 1 minute older than me, and four younger sisters. I'm mother of a 6-year-old mute girl, and a set of twin girls, aged 2.
    • My last three jobs: Firefighter-Rescuer, Special Ops Medic and Sniper (Spetsnaz), Tactical Medic/Paramedic."

    And here are two random videos (in response of your random pics):


What Guys Said 9

  • Sometimes Christmas... sometimes birthdays... sometimes mayhem, suffering and death... sometimes you just need to feel... something good.-B. J Blazkowicz; Wolfenstein the New Order
    "I needed a drink, I needed a lot of life insurance, I needed a vacation, I needed a home in the country. What I had was a coat, a hat and a gun."
    — Philip Marlowe, Farewell My Lovely
    "It takes the truth to fool me. And now you've made me angry.
    No wonder why
    My heart feels dead inside
    It's cold and hard and petrified
    Lock the doors and close the blinds
    We're going for a ride."-I can't decide
    A gentleman is someone who is never unintentionally rude- Oscar Wilde
    This is the GAG. She could be anywhere by now. She might have found friends, protection, enlightenment, or damnation. They're all pretty cheap here.-Paraphrased from the book something from the nightside

    I want to write for a living and I'm pretty damn good.
    I have mental illness, ADHD, ASD and Depression, after years of therapy not many people can tell I have a form of autism.
    I may disagree with my country frequently but is my country and would fight to the death for it.

    I am extremely sarcastic and I have a dark sense of humor.
    I have had a great many unusual experiences and my family tree is full of fascinating individuals, (so is yours. chances are)
    While my grammar is pretty good when taking my time and such, online it tends to suck
    I have had multiple paranormal experiences feel free to ask about them.

  • Here's mine:

    I don’t respond to replies on my opinions unless I trust OP. I’m unaware of likes and mhos for all my opinions. I unchecked notifications for all of that in my settings. If you said something positive, then thank you so much. If you said something negative, well you can go fuck yourself. If you said something else, I’m not up for an argument and I’m busy so I can’t answer you. I honestly don’t care about what you think and feel about my opinions. Don’t ask me questions because you shouldn’t worry about me and if I share an opinion on here, I would always give my fullest answer.

    I don’t accept messages from ANYONE because I don’t have time to answer messages and I’m not going to let you message me unnecessary things such as hateful messages, creepy messages or anything else that could annoy me. I love all my good followers. I’ve been cyberbullied before so I’m not going to give anyone else an invitation to cyberbully me again. Not only was I cyberbullied, I was bullied all throughout high school too.

    I used to have an account on here before but I deactivated it and I made this new account, so don’t be surprised if I know you or anything else about GAG. I’m very familiar with this site.

    My avatar and cover image are my works of art. My avatar is an outline I printed out from the internet and I colored it in myself using colored pencils. My cover image is something I created out of scratch using crayons.


    My most favorite places are the library and the basketball court. I honestly believe that knowledge, health, and exercise are among the most important things in the world. I love to exercise, read, and learn new things. I play basketball for my college and I can play piano too. Yes, I’m very tall to the point where you wouldn’t believe it if I told you my exact height over the internet."

  • GaG is my only active profile
    "This is my 4th serious account that basically have been back to back. I was a Master in the first one but I was a bit overwhelmed by it, I felt a bit burned out on the other two and I just like to start again. Here are the lyrics from my favourite song by The Waterboys.


    Man gets tired
    Spirit don't
    Man surrenders
    Spirit won't
    Man crawls
    Spirit flies
    Spirit lives when man dies

    Man seems
    Spirit is
    Man dreams
    Spirit lives
    Man is tied, bound, torn
    Spirit is free
    What Spirit is man can be ! "

  • I'm not normally a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, Superman!

  • I'm not so much introverted , it's just I can only tolerate being around people for a certain amount of time. I need my alone time of drinking a beer with my dog curled up at my feet and playing one of my guitars.

    "Theatricality and deception are powerful agents. You must become more than just a man in the mind of your opponent"

    We must not surrender our nation to the false song of globalism

    On my phone, too lazy to find a pic

  • Musician 🎶
    Girls 😍
    Cars 💘
    Weapons 💓
    Sports ❤
    Tattoos 💖
    Taking Showers 💝
    Little bit studies 😜
    Awesome Life 💁

    " I ain't Perfect but I am Limited Edition "
    " I make plans cause dreams hardly come true "

  • i dont need to fight to prove i m right i dont need to be forgiven

  • I used to have a profile. Oh back in those innocent days.

  • No, I'm afraid not...


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  • I just have three emojis under my "About Me." It's nothing extensive whatsoever, haha.

  • Been told I looked like (on Gag):
    Sniper Wolf
    Kim k (wut? )
    Mia Khalifa
    Victoria Justice

    Insults I got on Gag;
    Entitlement Princess
    Size queen
    Fucking Lesbian
    Man hater

    Don't PM me if:
    You're a creep
    You want me to rate your PeePee
    You want to sext
    You want nudes
    You 're married or underage and want to flirt
    If you're not n active Gag user (aka a weirdo with only 2 XP who only wants to ask one of the following upper questions) ^

  • About Me
    part time nerd☕️📖📚🤓✍
    part time party girl🍸🔊🎶😜🤘


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