It is a men vs women kind of app?

Cause it does seem like it


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  • It's not supposed to be, but it often co. es to that because of people's suspicions and notions about the opposite sex. They say things like all women are like thus or all men are like this... That's not true. Basically we came here to get clarification about the opposite sex, and to get some pointers and direction, suggestions about life.

    But you can just ignore people who say things like that


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  • Not all women and men are the same, so pretty much any answer you get is a stereotype. That's probably why a lot of people just use it for arguing over gender.

    • Pretty much all the girls I talked to on here is either mentally ill or have a anger problem. Haven't talked to a rational girl yet

    • True... though I think that applies to a lot of the guys as well.

    • Maybe but I find guys here less wary than girls

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