Girls, what do you think of the guys of GAG? More sexist jerks or kind, chill guys?

I personally have had a lot of bad interactions with guys on here and seen them say some really negatives to others (both girls and guys), but the only reason I don't condemn all guys on here as bad is because occasionally, I will find a guy on here that is actually really sweet and accepting of people. I know there is good guys here on GAG. What I want to know is:

Girls: What percentage of the guys here on do you think are nice vs. the jerks

I will also make another poll to see what the men of GAG think of us girls as well. You guys deserve to be heard just as much as we do.

  • 100% Nice, 0% Jerk
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  • 100% Jerk, 0% Nice
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  • 50% Nice, 50% Jerk
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  • 70% Nice, 30% Jerk
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  • 70% Jerk, 30% Nice
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  • Can't really put it in percent/Don't wanna say
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  • Other (comment please)
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  • I absolutely agree that sweet and time worthy guys are wry rare on gag, just as in real life. I see it a bit different. The majority of the guys are not jerks but they're not an exciting company In a special way. Then, there are some true pervs/ jerks whom i just don't wanna ever interact with in any forms. And lastly there is the one-percent adorable ones whom one you could talk hours straight with :) :) luckily I have found someone on here whom I've been talking to for some days and I'm glad I know him :) so I don't feel the need to open up another gag connection with another guy for now :)


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  • I voted 50/50. But I think for me it averages about 60/40 nice guys.

    I actually think it varies from month to month. Lots of brand new male users come on here to whine and bitch about women/girls, troll and stir up anger, etc., but most don't stick around long (thankfully).

    There are pink anons that do the same. But I see more of them bashing other females than males.

  • There are definitely more jerk types than nice ones but there are also some who aren't a jerk but just have some personal issue they can't/don't want to solve and come here to complain without necessarily being jerky about it.

    I prefer talking to the nice ones. Nice ones are nice to talk to.

  • It's always been 50/50 in my opinion. Others may have experienced it in another percentages, but that's what I reckon

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