Gagers who your not friends with but who you really appreciate?

I don't know about you guys but I'm not friends with everyone here. Do you guys have anybody who your not friends with but you just really really enjoy?
I've posted love towards my friends here many times. Today I wanna highlight people who I really don't know, but whos stuff I love to read and enjoy.
@Mustachekitteh your a huge nerd and I love it because I relate and your so intellectual
@redeyemindtricks when it comes to relationship stuff your the queen
@Waffles731 your political truths are brilliant and they restore my faith
@Mario21 your weird but the randomness makes me laugh
@Luci92 I just discovered you and I like your answers and takes and you just seem like a pleasent person
That was in no particular order
sorry if I missed ya



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  • Aww thank you for the mention :)
    Everyone I appreciate I consider my friend, but if not, I'd say everyone I follow! There are way too many to even attempt to list.
    @rexiun (I think that's it?) does get a shoutout though, seen her around and I really appreciate her sarcasm.


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  • I don't think I have ever really interacted with @dangerdoge much but I know he's quintessentially an embodiment of what G@G is supposed to be about - being helpful and considerate. Unlike yours truly.
    I have noticed you around, OP. And from what I gather, you seem a-ok, if not slightly crazy.
    I don't know @toad-1 but end up answering all of his questions, which seem interesting on the most part.
    From the older user acounts, @mroracle 's opinions I always try to read through.

  • @RedThread I don't talk to the guy (to be fair, I'm not a huge 'get to know other GaGers kind of person), but I've read enough of his writing to know he's a smart, good-hearted dude. He's the kind of person you'd be lucky to meet, assuming you had the misfortune of being *forced * to meet a GaGer IRL. lol

  • There is nobody like that. Not here, not in my life.

  • @GirlNextBored for inappropriate, sexual comments that make me wonder if she's trying to get in my pants or just liven things up.
    @WillowTree with always interesting takes that are generally contrary to mine but in a way that I enjoy

  • Thanks man

  • Friends? What are friends?

    Personally I don't really come on here to. make friends, I come on to answer questions, sometimes have fun and to prove points.

  • Over my time here I have been intrigued by a few but I ended up talking to most of them

  • pretty much everyone I follow and talk to more or less regularly in comments.

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