Why do question get removed from my feed if I report them?

I can understand that it's for our safety so that we don't have to look at it again, but even if I report it for "no sexuality topic" or "how do I look topic", it gets hidden. It doesn't really violate the guidelines and what if I wanted to answer that question?

And sometimes I want to save the pics in the question description :P (jk)

Do you think that the admins should revert the changes so that we'd report happily?

  • They should revert the changes. Questions should not get hidden from our feed after reporting
  • No, it does more good than causing harm
  • I couldn't care less about this site's updates and you! stop reporting my questions
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  • If you really believe it violates site guidelines, then they're assuming you or whoever doesn't want to see them. They're taking precautionary measures as well in case it was a really negative post, too.


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  • Topic changes should stay on feed just change topic - That seems to be a bug by my understanding of the rules


What Girls Said 1

  • They can't see what you are reporting it for until the admins look at it. So they have to hide all reported questions in case it falls under one of the worse categories.

    • The questions we "normal" users report are hidden only from our own feed, not others'

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    • then I guess you are in a pickle... the point of reporting is to get them removed, not to answer them.

    • Well, I'm unique. I don't mind my antics 😅

What Guys Said 2

  • Because you reported them, and the admin checks the question, and if it sounds or seems derrogatory. Then they will take action and remove the question for good.

    I think they also have online bots that can tell derogatory words

  • If you wanted to anwer the question or don't think it violates the guidelines, then don't report it you idiot!

    • Your username is misspelled. There should be d instead of n.

    • Can't tell if you were trying to make a joke there or something...

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