Do you feel less apperciated when the asker likes your opinion only?

It is not like i care anyway.


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  • You will have a much better life if you stop giving a fuck what other people think, especially on the internet :)

    • Most of the times i answer yeah/no questions. For the first time i put some efforts answering a real question, i got a like only. He didn't even discuss what i said.

    • Who cares man, don't even think about it anymore. I get on here for entertainment and hopefully to help some people out that need someone to talk to. I don't really care at all if they reply, like or dislike what I have to say. I always type out a pretty well thought out response and I'm sure they read it. Hopefully it helped them one way or another, if they like it that's great, rarely do people respond.

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  • I feel nothing. Haven't in a while. I should probably see someone about that.

    • Okay, dont you think about it?

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    • We all do eventually.

    • :( i really dont wanna die

  • You mean not reply - That is up to them.

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