How many here like this new notifications change where messages are now included with other notifications?

I logged in this morning and what a surprise. On top of my many notifications, I now have to answer messages included in this, so I don't lose track of anything. I usually answer my messages after I do my notifications. It's a pain because also, I am seeing, someone will continue the message as I am trying to get rid of my notifications.


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  • I don't like it. I have too many messages.

    • I am with you. Those who don't have as many messages or even friends who message, cannot see it.

    • How about a Delete or Edit button?

    • I find I have to come on even more now. If I don't, I will be overloaded. haha

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  • It's a waste.

    • I agree with you. A waste. I have a million notifications daily and I don't dare even go to my messages or I am afraid I might miss someone or even a notification and well, back and forth nonsense.

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    • Why thank you.

    • You are so welcome, and thank you for joining my question. xx

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  • Private messaging notifications were moved there for multiple reasons.

    1. We want all notifications to be in a single area of the site.
    2. We recently made private message notifications compatible with the push notification feature for Chrome and Firefox users on desktop and mobile (Android only for now) so it made sense to put those private message notifications with all of the other notification types.

    We are aware that some members don't like having the notification appear twice (on the bell icon and under your username menu) so that is something we plan on working on. :)

  • I do!

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