"Follow" post option on mobile app?

I use the GAG app on my phone all the time and I used to be able to "follow" questions by clicking on those three dots... Now when I click on them I only have the option to "report" it.

Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem?


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  • Following posts is not available on the app yet so are you referring to the mobile version of the site? If so, you should still see the "follow" button when you click the overflow menu (3 dots) on questions. The location of that has not changed.

    • Ah yes I must've been on the mobile site and thought I was using the app. Thank you!

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  • This sounds like a question for...

    (I don't know exactly who to direct this question to, but I'm guessing some admins would be a good start lol)

    I personally have no idea what's going on about it myself. I can only confirm that I can only hide stuff on the app-- I can't follow questions. I can only do that on the mobile / web version. I haven't been using the app a ton though so I haven't noticed anything different about it.


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