Have I always had this wrong or is it true that when I pick a topic to view, I am defaulted to the questions category and not the mytake category?

Whether I was wrong or not, I am happy to be wrong in this case. I think when a user selects a topic category they should automatically be taken to the the question category and not the mytake category.

I am glad for this change. If it was really a change. Maybe it wasn't and I just never noticed before.

But regardless, I am glad the focus is off mytakes. I personally think the mytake category is a bit ridiculous.

What do you guys think?


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  • I tend not to bother with them as much since it's a lot to read unless it's a really good topic I feel interested in

    • I agree with you. But my point with this thread was to say that I use to have to actively choose the question tabs on topics since it would default to the mytakes tab but it does not seem to do that anymore. Have you notice a difference in that?

      And I get what you meant that you usually do not bother with mytakes since they are a lot to read. I think that is true, though I can not fault anyone for being long winded. My opinions are often the ones that you have to click "continue to read" to read all of my opinion. lol!

      However, mytakes require images. You must post at least one image for a mytake so by definition it is longer than it ever needs to be. I never quite understood that. The only reason that I have come up is that they get more money if someone clicks on a thread with an image than a thread without an image. Otherwise, I just do not understand requiring an image on a discussion board. I just do not get it. :)

    • I went to sleep right after answering but yeah I never click where you do , I just click feed them questions for the most recent ones on any topic

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  • Typically, when you choose a certain topic to view, you were/are taken to the list of questions based on that topic. However, for a short period of time, one of the updates had it rerouted to open up to the myTakes for that topic instead. The G@G community wasn't a fan of that, so the admins reversed it back to showing the questions thankfully. :)

    • That explains it. Thanks, EmpatheticLady.

      I am glad it takes people to the question tab instead of the mytake tab also so I am glad it is that way now.

      Thanks for answering. :)

    • Glad I could clear things up!

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  • Never had an issue with this since I absolutely never browse topics anyway - I always lurk in the questions tab.

    • What is the questions tab? Do you mean in your notifications tabs that tells you when a question has been posed by someone you follow or is there some other questions tab? I so want to know where that is. :)

      As for how I see topics, I go to topics and then the category and then it use to take me to the mytake tab and I would have to select the question tab. I hated that.

      It seems now that when I go to topics and the the topic I want, it defaults me to the question tab and not the mytake tab which I love.

      But 1) I wonder if I only thought that the default use was to the mytake tab and not the question tab and 2) I love that it is the question tab. It should be. If I ran this site, I would want my regular users to answer questions from new posters and I would say new posters are more often going to pose a question in the question category vs the mytake category. :)

    • Ahhh... thank you. I have never clicked on Feed. I will try that out. :) Thank you for sharing. :)

  • It changed last update - You are correct it used to go to takes first now questions

  • Never had this happen yet , it could be a bug in the system. You may need to report it.


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