Why do Indian bros have such a bad reputation on GAG?

Not being racist, but I'm genuinely curious.. White people have stereotypes on here as being privileged. Turks have a reputation on here of being overzealous of their country and culture etc.. Conservatives have a reputation of being bigoted uneducated rednecks. All of those on the left are social justice warriors.

When girls see an Indian dude post on their opinion.
Why do Indian bros have such a bad reputation on GAG?


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  • Because they're horny af all the time. Even the ones I meet in real life are like that.

    There was this kid at my college that would add me on Facebook after I declined like 8x... I finally accepted and deleted after a week, the next day he added me again 😳

    He never said anything to me in person lmao just stared at me all the time.


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  • I've said it before, i'll say it again.

    Of all the major English speaking groups who use the internet, the Indians have the domestic culture that is most different from the "western" culture that dominates here.

    So that means some of them make -mistakes-. People act like they are doing stuff that's so obviously creepy, but how would they know? It's considered totally normal here to post questions asking for advice on anal sex lube or threesomes, but we all know that's cool, but directly asking someone if they masturbate is SO CREEPY. We know what's okay and what isn't, to some of them it must be very confusing. I have given an analogy before, it's like if you were in a foreign country, and they were like 'yeah, we have orgies' so you go to this orgy, and at the start, women are all topless and guys are touching them, so you touch this woman's breast and everyone stops and is like WTF DUDE YOU DON'T TOUCH HER LEFT BREAST like you should have known that.

    Anyway, plenty of cool indian people here. Some of the 'creeps' will just creep for a while and leave, but the ones who pay more attention will start figuring out what's okay and what isn't okay.

    It's not just an indian thing either, old guys humiliate me by posting some absurd shit sometimes, and it's kind of the same deal - they're not picking up on the unsaid rules about what is considered normal and what's creepy here.


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