Would you like the opposition to suggest a question?

I often see question that I think such and such will like or see they input etc
and think it's a shame I can't send a invite/ suggestion.
do we think that could be a option?

maybe should off done a poll
sorry I meant to invite someone to someone else's questions


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  • There are two ways :-
    1. Send them private message
    2. Follow them, open your question and click on invite. Find/type his/her username and invite. They'll get a notification.

    • I wasn't talking about my questions but other people's.

      Be easier to click a button then tagging them.

    • I don't think admins would honestly like it. You could PM if you don't want to spam usernames. I know it's a bit hassle but it's better, secure and more private option.

  • Just tag them on your opinion - I bet @adamski24 would like this question

    • lol lets hope he takes part.

      he maybe lazy and just want's a button to make it easy

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