How long does it usually take to redeem an Amazon gift card on gag?

I'm not sure if its different if you're in the UK but it has almost been a week since i requested

ok i have now. thanks!


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  • It seems that the admins are slow to reply to redemption of gift cards. Typically, it takes 24-48 hours for them to respond to your request and another 24-48 hours potentially to get the gift card code sent to your e-mail. You might want to send them another message as a reminder.


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  • I got mine within 2 days. Although they gave me £13.50 instead of £15 lol. Don't know if it makes a difference but I asked for it to be for amazon uk.

    One thing though, I got it literally 6 hours before it expired, not sure if that's a sneaky trick for something or it just works like that.

    • i just received it. Got £15. previously i remember getting £10. Must be the brexit haha.

      Why did you get that? i just bought 2 gopro accessories :) £14!

    • I got a new phone case which was nifty, 15 quid doesn't go far these days lol.

    • Yeah, I make adjustments... sometimes the "rip offs" are the same or better than the original full priced goods though.

      I found this insane. I bought this 3 way selfie mount for underwater
      vs Gopro official one

      literally the exact same... but £40 difference

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  • It took me a full day or 2

    • Was that recently

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    • -_- wtf... would it have anything to do with me making a troll question that got removed?

    • Don't think that'd make a difference. Maybe it's different for everyone

  • Within 4 days if I am not mistaken.

    • could it be related to one of my questions being removed by them because i trolled once? still don't have

    • Well, umm that's a little irrelevant. Do you have at least 7000 redeemable xper points? If yes, they will eventually get to you.

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  • You probably got your email, you just didn't notice.

    • Nope, not even in spam

  • Mine usually within 4 days. A week is a long time, contact the admin again

    • I sent them a second email yesterday also