What are you trying to get when you ask the opposite gender a question on here?

Are you trying to get that gender to help you with a problem/situation you are working out, or are you trying to learn more about the gender as a whole?

"Why did 'they' do this?" versus "What is it 'you' like the most?"


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  • I want to understand men better so I try to ask them questions that let's me get to know them as a whole.


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  • Seeing as an asker has to ask a specific question, I imagine they are looking for an answer to that problem/situation. When taken in conjunction with other questions/comments a person can then also begin attempting to understand the gender as a whole.

    • That is a great observation.

      I guess my thought process for the question was more like "Ladies, how do you decide how you do (this)" versus "Why did my girlfriend do (this)?"

      Does that clarify things a bit?

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    • Then you need to ask your question in such a way as to flush out responses you are looking to hear.

    • I get you what you are saying now. Thank you. :)

  • It's a bit of both, I guess. But it's most interesting isn't it when you get a whole bunch of answers, and you get a sense of the sort of average opinion and its deviation. You get to learn a bit about how the other half thinks!

    • I get what you are saying about seeing the different sides of things.

      Do you mean that you ask both types of questions?

  • Both but mostly i study their behavior although i know i will never figure them out

    • The same could be said about the few gentlemen who want to understand ladies.

      Is there a specific topic you like to try and understand about guys more than others?

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  • Any question I asked was just something that came into my head at that moment in time?

    • Was most them something you wanted to be educated on about women? Or did you just want their perspective on a situation?

    • I never really had a question on a personal situation on this site - They were all general questions about society.

    • I am the same here. Not really needing help with a particular problem. I just want to be educated about women as a whole for the most part.