Does anybody else get some instrumental music playing from G. A. G. when you search for a question?

So I just noticed something peculiar: if you have Adblocker enabled and search for any question using the "magnifying glass" option along the top border of the G. A. G. page, it will load up the search results -- along with a pretty-sounding instrumental musical piece playing in your web browser! :o Is anybody else getting this?

If the Adblocker is turned OFF, however, the advertisement videos that show up seem to take precedence over the musical piece, so it doesn't show up then. It only shows up when you have your Adblocker ON.

It also might not play after the 1st time, so you have to log out and try again or even clear your cookies from your browser, but it will show up after that.

Hmm tried it again, and apparently it's not showing up when I search for a question while logged in. Only when I'm searching for a question while logged out. :o
It also plays if you click on "Feed" at the top of the page and look at the live feed while logged OUT. Apparently it's not for logged-in users. xD


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  • Yes. What is that.

    • lol I dunno, but it's pretty funny. xD Maybe it's supposed to be part of the site to make browsing the live feed and browsing questions here more relaxing or something. :D It's just weird that it's only for users who are currently logged out.

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  • Never noticed it

    • Yeah it never plays while you're logged into your user account. It's only when you browse the live feed or search questions while logged out of your account, and have your adblocker enabled to block ads. Strange. xD

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