Why aren't promoted mytakes automated anymore?

When did they change this rule? I don't like this rule good I am not bored out of my mind anymore cause I go to school now, but still I hope they change this rule back.

  • I agree its a bad rule
  • Now the admins will dictate everything in mytakes including what gets promoted and what doesn't
  • I agree admins should only be able to decide what mytakes get featured
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  • I never really noticed a difference.


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  • I think it is a good rule - Some editors were getting lazy and churning out crap - I want a take system based on quality not quanity - You know I have had a lot issues with the editing on GaG but this is a good thing.

    • Yeah but those admins are realy bias themselves and now they won't promote something unless its something about sex, relationships, or anything with race or politics its stupid.

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    • They've always been reviewed by admins. People are simply being told now, that's all.

      All Takes have to be reviewed before being approved. Some are removed for various reasons (offensive, grammar, spam, etc.), some are merely approved, others are Promoted, and a few are Featured. That's the standard daily process.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I don't know what you mean by "automated." Editors have always had their Takes automatically Promoted, so nothing has changed there. Otherwise, I don't know what you're talking about.

    • Well all the time I would get all mytakes promoted at the very least why didn't my last one? I did them like all the other takes I have done.

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    • I wouldn't worry about it, just focus on creating the best Takes you can if you want them to be Promoted/Featured.

    • I'd really like to know that I can't improve no something unless I know what my flaws are.

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