Why can't we all just love each other here?

I think there's too much hate and negativity in this site so I think we should take the time out of our lives and tell someone here that you love them. I think we should spread the love and also tell people why you love them. I think this will be good for us.

Personally I love pink anon. (I did it in paint so don't make fun of that.)
Why can't we all just love each other here?
Thank you for all your really insightful posts about logesh and chico... they're great.

So please this is a serious post, give me some serious answers.

Hi I would also like to say that Chico is a great guy too, he's seen as a troll but he's a GOOD troll. Through all that trolling I bet he's a very genuine and nice guy.

Hi I'm still looking for the love to go around. Please tell me who you love so less negativity and hate can be on this site. God bless GaG.

Also please spread #spreadthelove on Twitter, inatagram, GaG and Facebook. Thank you.


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  • :p I'm here to give honest opinions... I don't like everyone here. It's impossible to get along with everyone
    But Blue anons... Pink anons... I'm glad that the Majority of you aren't horrible and really just normal, respectful questions I love you.


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