What does blocking and reporting say about you?

One of the things that I have noticed in this forum is that there are a significant number of posters, mostly female, who are precious snowflakes who feel a need to retreat to their imaginary safe spaces whenever they encounter a point of view that differs from theirs, or when someone calls them out on their bullshit.
I would invite such precious snowflakes to look into a figurative mirror and think about their reaction to counter arguments.
By blocking someone, rather than engaging them in debate, it is a de facto admission that your position cannot be supported by facts. This is why it is those on the left who, in my experience, account for 100 per cent of the blockers and reporters.
The facts, such as published science and history, will destroy their position, so they (figuratively) put their fingers in their ears and chant la la la rather than confront the possibility that they may be wrong.
This, I believe, is the result of leftist psychological conditioning that has permeated the education systems of the Western world in the manner of the intellectual cancer that it is.
Such people also flag as offensive posts that present published science and history as counter arguments to their positions. This is a sign of intellectual bankruptcy, as well as stupidity.
The moderators of this forum appear to share this form of intellectual bankruptcy and stupidity, because more often than not they remove such posts and send a message to the poster who dared to disagree with the special snowflake.
I have also observed that the special snowflakes are usually of an age that would put them in either secondary school, or university.
Here is a warning to such people.
One day you are going to finish what is called (laughably) your education. When that happens, you will discover that the real world is different to the leftist fantasy into which you were indoctrinated at school and/or university. You will discover that your degree in liberal arts, or gender studies, is worthless.


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  • I see where you're coming from, and I agree with some of your points.

    However, you are making a 100% incorrect ASSumption that people that block and/or report others are somehow automatically leftist millinneals. I'm a quote unquote "millinneal" that is not leftist, socialist, easily hurt, or is looking for a "safe space". Real life is hard, put a helmet on.

    I don't block people for cicil disagreement, and I will even acknowledge a counter viewpoint if I can relate to where the other person is coming from.

    However, I DO block and/or report antagonistic, trolls, fucktards, people that just want to argue for the fun of it, or are intentionally obtuse. For some reason, there are quite a few dimwits here that think they've somehow "Won" and internet debate, simply because they were blocked. They never consider the fact that they may just be annoying to the other person, who is tired of wasting time beating a dead horse.

    I've never seen you before, so I have no idea if this applies to you. But you may want to consider it.


    I'm a fiscally conservative, socially moderate, anti-entitlements, and most importantly, a Constitutionalist. Your generalization is just that.




    • It has been my experience that 100 per cent of the people who have blocked and/or reported me have been what Americans call liberals, who, in reality, are actually regressive leftist totalitarians who want to silence all other voices.

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    • You took the correct intended meaning from my original post.
      I hold the view that blocking and/or reporting is the action of someone who cannot debate on the facts.
      If someone is a troll, ignore them.
      If they disagree with you, offer evidence.
      If they are too indoctrinated, or simply too stupid, to understand the evidence, then ignore them.

    • I congratulate you on making to level 9 with that philosophy. I don't subscribe to that theory.

      My primary reason being, that I've learned that people I've let's say "gotten a little chippy with" in a debate... when I've ignored them... they come back and troll other posts of mine that had nothing to do with them. I have a blocked one doing it right now - but at least he can't tag me or see my recent posts on my profile.

      Especially as a moderator, I no longer go past about 3 (or so) posts with someone that wants to debate, because it inevitably denigrates into ugliness. Regardless of who thinks they're "right" or has "facts" to back up their position.

      So again, I say... tho I can see where you're coming from, I disagree with you that blocking automatically means the blockee has "defeated" the blocker. I see it as, my time is more valuable than trying to debate a fucktard, or be trolled by a jerk. In fact, blocking IS a way of ignoring them, only better. ;)

      Peace and goodnight.

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  • Eh, it depends. Some people block and report for legitimate reasons. However, I've seen so many reported posts where there is nothing wrong with the question or its replies. Some users take things way too seriously.

  • I was blocked for disagreeing with snowflake ideology. Sorry, I don't believe in the crap were fed. Cheers.

  • I blocked one person because I didn't want their alerts showing up for a thread I can't comment on anymore. What does that say about me?

  • I block people who are saying nonsense


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  • just ignore them really. thats what i do.

  • Women are always blocking me whenever I say feminism and gynocentrism are the problems why relationships are failing and men are going their own way.

  • It says that I was way too hot for them to handle the heat

  • It means you have no need for other people shit.