Name something about another GAGer that you like about them?

I know everyone is tired of the negativity on here. So my idea is that we name some positive things about our fellow gagers and what we like about them.

I'll start off:
@EmpatheticLady One of he most positive users on GAG
@Waffles731 I really like you spooky themed mytakes
@CHARismatic110 You are definetely a boss on GAG
@RJgraveytrain you are definetely unique
@Redeyemindtricks The most intelligent and experienced in life user

You know stuff like that. So let's try to say some positive stuff to other GAGers.


@Ginny_Weasley Always asks good questions and have awesome mytakes, especially the Thanksgiving ones

@Girly1710 Always gives good advice as well

That Irish guy he is very good natured and well mannered as well as respectful


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  • I don't really pick up on too much of the negativity. I think I'm just good at avoiding and/or ignoring the most caustic discussions -- and, if I *do* get caught up in it, I usually just answer the negativity with some slightly sarcastic humor and then disappear.
    Tbh, if my experience of this site were one of mostly overwhelming negativity... I wouldn't post here. Wouldn't waste the time.

    Of course, I'm also headstrong, "difficult" and (if we're being honest here) sort of bitchy -- and I tend to LIKE other "difficult" people. So mb that's part of it, too.


    I am TERRIBLE at cold recall, so, I'm just gna list a few gagers with whom I've had more of a *recent* connection. If I luv ya and you aren't named here... You know who you are. (:

    @rjgraveytrain and @reixun -- You're both impressively savvy, wise, and articulate (especially for yr age). You also have just the right amount of sass and attitude. <3
    If my daughter turns out like either of you, and/or if my sons bring home someone like you someday, I'll be proud.

    @luci92 and @smmyskittles -- You both got an extra helping of self-awareness, which will make some struggles MORE difficult at first -- since you're so acutely aware of yr own needs and wants that you *can't* just glide through life like many others yr age -- but which will ultimately help you both turn into confident, dynamic, and powerful women.
    It seems like both of you *feel* every word I write -- and, often, the other way around too. It's as though you're actually living the experiences I write about, yrselves. And when I talk to either of you, it takes me back to being yr age -- when my own thoughts, worries and dreams were a lot like yours -- which makes me even more grateful to everyone who's helped me become who I am.

    @rawrzz -- You *say* you're not likable, but, you're wrong. (: (see earlier comment about "difficult" people) You say what you mean, and you mean what you say, but you do it in a way that stays focused on the argument itself, and not the people making the argument.
    You've seen a lot more of the very best and the very worst of the people in yr life -- especially the very worst -- and so you're more *real*. You can speak realistically and authoritatively about lots of hypotheticals and possibilities that would leave most people just guessing or blindly hoping for the best.

    That's just recent connections/convos. I've got luv for LOTS more of you, too. You know who you are.

  • I started typing this out and got to about 8 users (with many many more to go) and decided that there are too many.


    The first Male & Female that popped into my head were:

    @Redeyemindtricks - Woman. <3 I could write a short story just to describe the many things I like about you, before even going into detail of any kind. You are what I consider "ideal" for a woman; the kind of woman I hope to be some day. <3

    @NJ_Casanova - Every single day that I log onto GaG since you and I have started talking, you make me smile. :* :*

    • Awwh... Right back at you, Beautiful;-*

      Here's a Hug;-)

    • ahah well... thank you for the kind words. That's quite a thing to live up to...
      (If this "short story" of yours is actually a story -- like, a short work of fiction -- I'd love to read it. I love reading people's writing.)

      I mean... When I was yr age, I was still struggling with lots of stuff. If you just keep working on making yrself BETTER every day, and every year -- you'll do it. All kinds of "better".

      And ofc you can drop me a line whenever you want. <3

  • @Levin I appreciate your sense of humour! You're quite funny!

    @Charismatic110 lawd you have the best Mytakes and you're also very intelligent

    @RJGraveyTrain you're a great jokester and a smarty pants too. You also know how to shut them troll up on GAG

    @EmpatheticLady omg what can I say. Everyone's favourite on GAG and so kind all the time.

    @Other_Tommy_Wiseau jeez dude you're constantly cracking jokes and you're a information box. If you're no trolling you're rolling and your memes and GIFS at bomb

  • I have a few, but I'm too jaded to inflate their egos.

  • @redeyemindtricks I like how you put in effort into everything you do and how you're cool af. All the people in your life are lucky to have you because you're a character to be reckoned with. You're hot and inspiring and I value your opinions more than most πŸ’˜πŸŒΉ

    @triss and @luci92
    Nadz, you're refreshing as hell, energetic and fun. You a little reckless which makes you so hilarious to talk to πŸ˜‚πŸ’˜πŸ‘…πŸ‘…

    Lucifer, you're a bit more on the level headed side but you're devilish in the inside 😈 There's a reason you two are my babez πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ’˜

    @openthedoors and @sofeckingaddicted You two are so fucking hilarious, absolute delights. I like how you two cut through the nonsense and get to the truth of the matter.

    And lastly, you smahala. Thanks for unblocking me πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    • @sofeckinaddicted

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    • Deep, deeeeep down πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    • Aww thanks 😍❀️

  • @smahala1991 I like your face
    @Empatheticlady Is a great waifu
    @CHARismatic110 Babe and a good writer
    @BertMacklinFBI We've been talking more and he's cool shit and makes me lol.

  • @suitandtie accepting and kind to literally everyone he meets.
    @red_arrow sarcastic and witty and also gives pretty good advice
    @levin he actually makes me laugh out loud, intelligent... or just wordy πŸ˜‰
    @yourfutureex holds strong to his beliefs and is confident with who he is
    @omar5881 just really sweet all the time and speaks 4 (or was it 5) languages

    • thank you. Sometimes I think my replies are a bit crap, cause often people don't comment on them. So sometimes I read them back just randomly, like a day or so after, and actually laugh myself. Is it bad if it's just me (and occasionally you) laughing at my own content?

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    • Thank you. You have a great humor yourself. And I love your nudes!!! Or at least I would if you ever sent me any. lmao. :-)

    • Thank you for the mention πŸ˜ƒ

  • @waffles731 is very cool and a great person and I'm glad he's here
    @dissolute_dog is an awesome human being and I love the positivity he spreads

    • <3 That means a lot to me, really! You are awesome too, and I'm glad that you helped me through some of my concerns that I don't think I could have shared with anyone else! xD

    • @dissolute_dog anytime dude :) happy to help if I can!

  • @hotstuffSRD I like him a lot and we trust each other
    @LEIGHX he's very nice and positive!
    @RBasim very kind, similar hobbies
    @temheem a good friend

  • Thank you!
    I'd like to add that you are also a very positive gagger from what I've seen. Your questions are a nice break from the depressing and/or inappropriate content on here.

  • @archiz is always super sweet and I like talking to her.
    @dissolute_dog is shy and adorable.
    @redeyemindtricks has the best advice.

  • Thanks!

  • I really like @chico_brah coz he always manages to make me laugh.

    • She sends me nudes on occasion

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    • Thanks bbyyy

  • Even though I've been posting a lot on here lately I don't know anyone well enough to say something like that. I don't really message with people either. Maybe some day.

  • Thank you for the mention. You're one of nicest users here.

  • I hate everyone

  • I don't have time to mention all of those.

  • @ConsultantIsBack rip 😍
    @Luci92 and @reixun my 2 girlfriends β€β€β€πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
    @Chico_brah no comment πŸ˜‚

  • What about me


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