Why there are short girl questions so much?

I saw many quesions about "I am short does look matter a lot" blablabla.
Weight can be change by exercise and even face can be change by operations. But height, couldnt. If you are short, then you are short. And if that which makes you "you" avoid some superficial gals, then screw it.
I am 5'3" and I have only trouble with scandinavian man cause they thing shortness is a disability. (morons). But in UK, most men easily ignore my height problem. What counts is your personality and confidence girls, screw other guys who are into looks. :D

Confidence is all, looks are nothing :D
when i see height question, it makes me "aaagh again."


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  • You girls aren't exactly saints when it comes to height either. Most girls will not only dismiss shorter guys, but they'll also dismiss guys who are short in general, even if the guy is taller than her. You're right, personality and confidence is what counts. But some people just can't get past the height issue.

    • girls under 5'7" still want a guy over 6' and that is funny :D
      My height requirement for a girl is 5'8 and above, please

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    • you can't because they dont want you...

    • @lordofnecklace As I said, it is not a problem for me.

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  • Insecurity i'd say?
    I'm 5'4 and have never had any shortage of compliments from different ethnicities/races.

    • dont understand why they feel insecure.
      people who care about weight, height and other things in appearence are superficial as hell and not mature enough. I am fully respectfull to them but thanks to God, they stay away from me :D

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  • All I can say is that petite girls are my favorites...

  • I agree - Height is not that important

  • Because apparently GAG has a bunch of morons who are so height obsessed and they can't get over the fact that they can't change what they already have so they decide to dish out their insecurities passively aggressively on a forum like this...

    • as you said
      it is not changeable
      you have to live with this height
      if guys dont interested in yoy because of it, then screw that superficial dcks. It is not hard.

  • "morons"?
    you are a bitter little woman. As a Swede, I am offended.
    Short women, like under 5'7" scare me away.


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  • All girls under 5'8" should be lesbians.

    seriously, guys who care about looks are total morons.

  • I think only Scandinavian men are extremely height obsessed. Guys from other countries seems to ignore height. I am 5'4" and if this is a problem for any guy, he can kiss my ass. bff.

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