Should GAG make it so you can filter out Anonymous people?

I have seen so many Questions asked by Anons that get nasty when they don't like your reply. I've also seen anons, post BS/trolling. Should GAG give us the option to...

1. filter questions by member/non member?

2. Block anonymous people completely?

The second question is because I don't think you can actually block anon person? Also I find that most of the problem people are Anon/trolls. They love to insult GAG members/pick fights. Say obnoxious things just because they can get away with it.

I guess you could say 1. yes/no 2. yes/no if you don't want to give your reasons.

OK, So I Just had a new "Great" ideal.

GAG should add NUMBERS to the anons so you can know if it was the person you want or don't want to talk to. For example.

(Anonymous blue 100) is a repeat offender/troll who you want to be able to avoid/block... while (anonymous blue 150) is a positive gag contributor that you want to add to your friend circle.

What do you think?


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  • Issue is that if you block the blue anon, you'll know who the asker is if they ask non-anon.

    That, in a sense, would totally eliminate the idea of "anon". Because you have their anon blocked, you'd have to have their account blocked.

    - Personally, nope. There is only *1* anon I want blocked and his questions are soooo easy to spot, I avoid them like the plague.

    With this certain anon's questions, it feels like I'm back in school on essay questions. His questions themselves are long.

    You have to answer EVERYTHING he responds to you and answer in detail or he asks another question to address it.

    • "Personally, nope. There is only *1* anon I want blocked and his questions are soooo easy to spot, I avoid them like the plague." LMFAO... me too;-) The guy that asks 20 hypothetical questions at once?

      I always have trouble with that guy... the one that does the Guy "A" /guy "B" sex questions.. If I answer it once... he wants me to answer 20 more and if I don't he throws a sissy fit and insults me. I love it when he never gets any replys;-P

    • Haha, right. I feel like he's a troll going to the extreme. I'll avoid him all the same.

    • <3 Thank you for MH

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  • People go ANON with Reasons of their Own when Someone Here, dear, may Get many Times.. Nasty Themselves.
    I go Pink myself Sometimes when I Feel like Venting. Sore Subjects and Poor Sports makes it so Where I don't feel like Fighting with Someones' Rude and Crude behavior.
    I have seen when Someone Posts Anon and I am "Me,' I can Block the Asker.
    Good luck. xx

    • ANON has a right to reply just like any other gagger gal or guy. It is this attitude (Not just yours) is WHY. xx

    • I want the ability to know/block the ones that are just here to start trouble. I think if they had a running number.. you could avoid anonymous people you don't like. I keep commenting on a blue anon how nags me and gets argumentative if I don't keep replying to his hundred questions.

    • Wel, yes, I see this then. I agree, and thank you for being so polite. xxoo

  • I think what GAG should do is put a limit on the amount of anon comments a person can post.


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  • You can block anons but you fall into trap of not knowing you blocked them so you could waste time answering their question. You can also restrict feed just to people you follow. I just leave them up and skip over silly question, snarky responses (Whatever!)

  • I never had any problems with anons..

    I mean, if you don't like anons, don't open their questions, right?

    • Well, there are dozens/hundreds of anons... on GAG... you don't know if they are the one you dislike until after you post and they reply back. It really should be anons then a number so you can decern who it is.. that's a good ideal and I'm going to add that to the question;-(

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    • Every GAG profile is anonymous... it's not like you have to show your real info/pic. I always thought anons where people that only wanted advice/ask one question... and didnt' want to join the website

    • No. Overtime, some people get to know the real you. And sometimes, you want to ask something private. Something that won't show up on your question list.
      And it should be kept anonymous, and not tracked by an ID, so people can see trends in it, and associate it with a user.

  • there's nasty people irl too, how are you gonna filter these out? Just deal with it.

  • Only members can post. Second you can block anons, but when you go anon, all blocks are removed.