Why is there music?

on a few pages now i have heard music on gag and i can't find an add or anything that would be
making the music so im thinking maybe its a new feature where you listen to music while reading things?

also i think its hard to type angry messages while happy music is playing when you read a message thats needs an angry reply lol


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  • Hi! What you're referring to is just our video of the day that we wanted to share with the community. If the sound annoys you, you can either mute the sound completely on your device or mute the specific tab on your browser. :)

    • i have , thank you for your reply , i dont have a real problem with it. i found it humorous and thought i would make a post about it to see how others would react. and you guys should do this more often even though there seems to be some people who dont like it.

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    • your welcome :)

    • This is awful. First thing, I don't even see a video. Second, because I don't see a video I can't find anywhere on the page to mute it. The advice to "completely mute the sound on your device" is just awful also.

      How about not playing any music?

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  • Same. I think this website has music now. I don't know how to turn it off.

    • yeah but at least its something that does not bother you. im not annoyed by it yet. it just had me looking for adds or something because music is hardly ever playing before 11 in my house lol

    • Indeed I just found out it has music some seconds ago I did not even know. I press Ctrl+M and it went away

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  • Did someone add a YouTube video somewhere perhaps?

    • im not sure though i se no running videos and right now the music is playing, its quiet relaxing , its jsut instrumental. it bothers me there is music but no source for it or an explanation lol

  • I'm curious about this too. It freaked me out at first, because I never see any videos on here. There is a way to mute it, though. Just go to the tab and press the sound symbol. It will mute the audio until you press it again.

  • It's really annoying. I hope the stop it. I'll be sending a complaint.


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