Why am I hearing music playing from the site when I visit certain pages?


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  • That is just our video of the day that we wanted to share with the community. If the sound annoys you, you can either mute the sound completely on your device or mute the specific tab on your browser. :)

    • It's not that it's annoying per se, but if it's a video playing then that it means it probably also uses up bandwidth.

    • I understand, thanks for your feedback. :)

    • no, thank you

  • It's a video that launches and plays even though you can't see it. I use AdBlock and blocked "cdn00. vidyomani. com^" which solved the problem.

    • i nave add blocker so that should not have happened, maybe the site has a way to by pass add blockers now?

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    • thats true im just glad not all the sites i visit know this trick. because i enjoy the other sites i visit

    • Thanks for responding to my own comment too

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