According to you who deserves to be the G@G president?

This question is inspired by someone (I honestly don't remember the username )
I vote for @reixun @luci92 and @RainbowFanGirl they could do a triple leading lmao. πŸ˜‚
You can nominee your own candidate if you want and then see the upvotes and downvotes

  • Luci92
  • Reixun
  • RainbowFanGirl
  • Chico_bra
  • MaLifeBeLikeOooAah
  • Smahala
  • Triss aka me😆
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Me and Chico brah are with the same number of votes so the gag president is me and Chico_brah 😘😘😘


Most Helpful Guy

  • Clearly, tolga deserves to (stay) be G@G president. It's appreciable how he created that idea of bringing the opposite sex closer and creating as well as maintaining an informative community.

    But this is such an insipid answer. Let's spice up this a bit and make a new president.

    (No offence) Apart from RainbowFanGirl, I doubt any user you mentioned have any idea about the posting guidelines, the heck they'll lead admins? Even RainbowFanGirl is still in adolescence so, I'm afraid she's legit.

    No one deserves this better than @DangerDoge
    ● His posts are outstanding. He has a lot of wisdom. He spends a lot of time in answering questions. I love the way he inspects even minor details.
    ● His MHO% is insane.
    ● He really knows about this site very well. In fact, he has the second most number of MHOs in 'G@G community' topic. It depicts how well he'd administer and supervise the website.
    ● He gets along with fellow users so well. (Apparently) he doesn't hate anyone on this website. (A crucial requisite). People love him in return too.
    ● He can be funny and even sarcastic without offending anyone.
    ● The pace at which he was promoted to UberMod (again!) is impressive.
    ● He's European so, it'll be good as he'd help users when rest admins are sleeping or busy at work because of different time zone as all of the current admins are American (US, Brazil & Argentina etc.)

    If not, then @ThisDudeHere because he said so.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Once upon a time, I was MHO queen, so will give anyone up there with a Heart from the Start, a Chance to Win this Big Award. My Biggest Accomplishment has been Getting Many MHO's in Helping Others, which is One Huge job, Along with my own Dedication and Loyalty to Gag and Gag Friends and Members.
    Everyone, hun, would be Very Good. It's Hard to show Partiality at this Point, and with this, @RainbowFanGirl, who has Always been here for me, would make A... Great President.
    She has Come a Long ways these Days, Having been on Gag very long, and Has proven to be, along with her Amazing Writing Skills, a Great Asset on Gag.
    Guys? @smahala Would Make a Great President, Has Made a Great Name for Himself and with his Wonderful Works and Long Time service on Gag, Many Might have a Big job here in Filling "The Once Upon a Time King of MHO's," Klauttu51, Shoes. However, @smahala has Proven Himself with His own Dedication and Hard Work, I will Grant him this.
    @Triss, @Chico_bra, @MaLifeBeLike0ooAah, and even @Rexium, all Friends and Followers/Following, would be Great Runner Ups for Assisting them in the Hot Seat With... Many Responsibilities in Keeping Gag Going and Flowing.
    Good luck and Great Going. xx


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