So what's with the terrible music playing on this site now?

Why is horrible stock music being played when I go on here now


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  • Music videos under every Question that is posted. Very annoying. Can also cause malicious virus on computers too. My laptop was running slow like molasses yesterday.
    Yesterday though, it did finally disappear, when enough of us complained.
    I see though it is still on your cell. And probably others.
    However, I just saw where Someone had Mentioned that One has to Post a certain Amount of questions and it's Gone then, for 24 hours? Something like this.
    Maybe on here, dear, you can learn more.
    Good luck and yes, Annoying as all Heck and Not Needed Neither here. xx


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  • I thought that was gone - If there is a video playing, mute the volume on video and it should stop the sound - Log out and in again, I thought that video went yesterday after the protests.


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  • This makes me glad I keep my sound down typically.

  • don't know, but if they are going to play music, maybe they could make it Halloween themed, like tubular bells or something?


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