I keep hearing background noise when im on this site? How to shut it off?

Its like two people talking and one says something like "Hi im with Mat.. etc." its very annoying as i often listen to music on this site. I can't find the source of it.


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  • i have ad block so i dont get those, you can right click your speaker icon and select "open volume mixer" and turn down or mute the internet browser sound volume. it looks like this:

    • I still wanna listen to my music still those. I have ad block and still get those.

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    • ok, still iTunes is running as another program so you will still be able to listen to your music. just not browser audio, just dont forget you muted it when you watch a youtube video or whatnot.

    • Cool, thanks.

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  • It is a video. Look for it and mute it. I hear if you have adblock that you should unblock it and then mute the video and then put adblock back on.


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  • There seems to be a lot of trouble with this kind of thing the past few days, hopefully they are sorted out now.

  • Lol shit is annoying. I'm tired of seeing the same ad over and over again.

  • Mute the speakers I guess, but I never hear anything on this site unless I hit that stupid video on my screen they have on here


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