Who can I get in touch on GAG to deal with some people?

I'm getting tired of people going on my comments and out of nowhere lets say call me a bitch for no reason. If you don't like my opinions then don't read them but it seems like there a group of people doing this to me, I'm getting fed up with this shit. Especially if these cowards are not going to private message me because they are cowards. So who I can talk to on Gag deal with these people?


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  • just report and block them. they can't post anon on your opinions, so you can just block those idiots.

    report the comments and if they break any rules they will get removed. if it's the same person over and over again, report their profiles too.

    you can also change your settings so only people you follow can message you


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  • Block the if you Need to, @NatashaJ. There is No excuse Under this Sun, why people have to be so Rude and Crude. Everyone is Entitled to His or her Own Opinion, and I will Not Strike a Match until Someone Starts their own Stuff, and Then.. I can just as Rough.
    Post ANON as well, for many on Here, dear, as Spore Sports too.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the Like, hun. xx

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    • That is so uncalled for but yet some of comments were no swearing. Thins Not of any Naughty Nature, Partiality is shown a lot here.
      Go on that Vulgar Comment and cal in for "GirlsAsGuys" to come and Report this big mouth right here. They will see it and report it. Some of the administration that hangs around at convenient times, sees this but overlooks it and Decides what stays and what goes. The things they allow to stay put, is what Gives Gag a bad reputation. xx

    • Thanks for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • You can block and report people - Admin contact details are https://www.girlsaskguys.com/contact

  • It seems to be an ongoing trend now for pinks to just announce that people are being mean to them, knowing full well the answer to the question they're asking, and expecting that it'll actually make their situation better.

    Aye aye aye.

    • Excuse me first of all if you didn't read my question people are stalking me from comment to comment just to be a cunt but too coward to message me privately. Why the hell should put up with that?

    • I should*

    • Also maybe its a trend because people like you have no lives and seriously need to get a life. I mean I don't know why you people feel special going on a comment and commenting to be a jerk for no reason and think its cute. Everyone should put up with your ass.

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  • You can message the admins here: https://www.girlsaskguys.com/contact

    Share whatever details you can about your concerns. If someone is being antagonistic or offensive often enough, they do receive warnings (or more).

    • Maybe I should because clearly GAG doesn't care that people on here are discriminating against people who claim to be feminist.

  • You can always report posts like that as 'antagonistic' so the admin team will be notified. You can also block and report individual users by going to their profile. All reports are reviewed within 24 hours.

    • They really getting on my nerves now they just go and post whatever to piss me off then report my comments even thou these assfaces started it. Also whenever I make a comment about one of them they don't even go on that funny. Or private message me if they really feel the need to call me a bitch or whatever they have to say to my face.

    • go on it* and comment

  • you can just block them

    • I'm tired of always having to block them and shit I think its either the same person or a group of friends. I'm sick of it why the fuck should I have put up with this shit? especially if these assholes don't come on comments where I'm calling them out. Or message me privately if they have something to say say it to me personally.

    • I know but there is not much you can do other than block them or report them sorry

  • You can block them
    And think about the way you portray yourself. Perhaps, you are being antagonistic?

    • Yeah I am sometimes especially if they going to attack me for being a feminist and they say feminsts are the worst they are really delusional, someone just call me a cunt even thou my comment on his mytake wasn't bad or intended to be rude and he has the nerve to call me a cunt. He came out of nowhere to call me a cunt, I'm getting fed up with losers doing that. So no I don't try very hard to disrespect people, its these people who try so hard to disrespect me. Fucking assholes

    • Unfollow who doesn't Feel like a friend or has an attitude. Start with this. Block anyone who is Rude and Crude and Harassing you when they come after you behind this computer curtain. Set that Setting "Private" for your own Protection. Gag has gotten worse over the nearly 3 years I have been here, and no one is Looking into any complaints.
      GAG needs to Instill a "Delete and Edit" so we can decide what Needs to be Weeded out of our own comment box.