Does gag occasionally remove people from your blocked list?

Like after a certain amount of time do people get removed? For the past two days I've had very unpleasant interactions with two different women that I swear I've had them blocked.

These women are the kind who go all over, arguing for no reason and trying to cause problems simply because they're miserable. It's like they get a hard on by being annoying and trying to piss people off. I swear their whole demeanor is absolutely disgusting and I'm certain almost all gaggers have come across these horrible girls.

Anyway does gag remove people from your blocked list, because I'm certain I've had them blocked?


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  • sounds like its just you.


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  • G@G admins do not touch the blocked lists of users. The only time you can get off a list is if a user rethinks his or her decision to block you and takes you off of it.


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  • No, GirlsAskGuys never unblocks other users for you. The only way they would be unblocked is if you actually unblocked them yourself. Keep in mind though, blocked users may still be able to interact with you if you post anonymously. If you are not posting anonymously though, then either you never blocked them in the first place or you unblocked them by mistake somehow and didn't realize it.

  • I wouldn't assume so , I hope not anyway coz anyone I block is for good reason and permanently

    . Maybe they've left . They wouldn't how up on your block list of they've deactivated. It's same as followers , if a follower deactivated they are no longer on your follows list

  • They probably deactivated. When people deactivate they are removed from your block list.