Friends, Has Gag ever Changed Some "Comment" you put, without Informing you, Instead of totally "Removing it" with a Usual notice in your Inbox?

In nearly 3 years time, I have never had this Happen to me, so out of pure Curiosity, I am wondering if this is "New," or if it has Always been here? I see Gag is always Making these "Changes."
Lately, as well, which also has Never happened to me here, I have had "Certain Comments," which honestly, with no Cursing nor Deep Disrespect with any of my Posts, didn't Warrant a "Removal." Especially with Many others who do Post certain Subjects and Uncalled for comments, which Are by Far, Most Inappropriate.
I am Wondering just "What Gives" with this as well?

*Disrespect will not be Accepted. Everyone is Entitled to His and Her Own Opinion.
Thank you.


*Anyone Else, Please Feel Free to Stop by. Good for a little Input November1st, "All Saints Day."
This is on All Calendars, not just mine.

"Happy Birthday, Grandpa." He Was a Gem of a Gent. I have never Met a More Honest Man, with More Love in his Heart than some People Possess in One finger. I would like to Think I had inherited some of this, but More so, Thanks to So many Good People on here.
If Anyone has Seen that I have been "Pointing Out" Less than "I Rarely Do This," "Nice" doesn't Always get One anywhere. "Spice" is what can though Help maintain Self Respect.
I just Wish the Ones who have Left Gag, Realized this. xx


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  • I think I have noticed some "minor" changes in spelling. For example, I once typed "allot" and it became "a lot". In my myTakes, I have noticed my title being edited and I don't mind them because the modifications did enhance the impact of the titles hahaha.


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  • Yes it happens. It was always been like this or at least since 2015. When I was a mod, I hid an opinion. But later that day I found that it was reinstated. I asked admins about the reason. Then they edited it and told me that it's not a big deal anymore. So, it's not surprising that they did this to you as well.

    However, it is rare compared to questions and myTakes.

    • Thank you, "P" and regardless, Glad for some fun today, Group Hugs and just Answers to "Unanswered questions."
      Bless you. xxoo

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    • YourFutureEx, ohh, sorry, my bad, "P" I thought "She" was Me. lol!!
      Thank you for stopping to clarify. I guess a surprise today on the Novemeber1st day of maybe more "November Surprises" here. xx

    • I see though that back in 2015 when you were a mod, they cleverly did something to you. xx

  • Even though it's rather long, you managed to create a post that was completely cryptic and unclear. What did GaG do exactly? Like what kind of changes did they make to your post?

    That said, no, they've never changed one of my posts (which seems rude on the surface, but again, you didn't say exactly what they did). They have removed a post of mine though. They said I was too mean.

    • Thank you for your Input, and may I direct You? I will show you.
      I had commented on something very Pertinent There and it was "Shortened" by Gag.:((xx

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    • lol!! I wish, bro, this was the Least of my problems. xxoo

    • I only post profile pix:)) xoo

  • My comments or questions have never been changed. But I hear others say things and complain about it.

    • @coolbreeze I know you would have mentioned to me for over the year, we have talked of all of the changes here, and also about Points and MHO and our levels, some laughs over many things, which has always kept Our own Friendship strong this long. That's One BIG Cool thing I know they will never "Change" on either One of us because it is Deep Down in our hearts, hard to get.
      Thanks so much, I Appreciate as Always for stopping by as I sleep. xxoo

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    • lol!!! @coolbreeze, ever Notice that when Obama is Campaigning for Killary, he is Like this Reincarnation of "MalxolmX?"xx

    • @coolbreeze, must be lost in a whipped topping moment, sleepy head, I am up at 4am from my bed, no thanks to you. lol!! xx

  • Yep, had a myTake and question title "reworded".. And with posts being removed! It seems like one side can talk shit, but then I answer back and get MY comment removed! I tried a different approach by just saying this chick that talks shit all the time was a giant douche on a few questions. GAG froze my damn account for 24 hours!

    • lol Oh, sorry, J.. I got you mixed up with T he other "J" with numbers. SMH.
      Wow.. Be careful, I would not want to Not see you for another 2 days. xxoo

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    • @jman46241 Hey, bro? You Know? xx

    • lol!! "Cole Warning Warming," Jxxoo

  • I never knew that could happen, change a comment - Comment removal, I honestly answer so many questions that I probably wouldn't notice if any were removed - I notice my number of opinions drop now and again but I presumed that was questions getting deleted.

    • @Saoirse_Nua I found it strange myself today. It let what I had said but "Rearranged it" to Fit their own "Criteria," but honestly, I liked it better the Other way, and I was Diplomatic.
      Thank you, sir, for your Positive output. As always, it is appreciated. xx

  • How exactly was it changed? You said it happened with the latest election, was it election related?

    • lol @genuinlysensitve No, it Happened on a Comment on a Question I had Earlier Commented on. SOME of it was Removed, due to "Offensive" Content? The Remaining was "Shortened" to Gag Liking. No elections. I did this last week with "Donald-Trump Level1"lol!!
      New Motto is Now: "Bare truth Matters"xx

    • @genuinelysensitive xx

  • I think that happened to me a long time ago. I was writing a comment and the whole second half got deleted when I posted it. I don't remember what I said but I don't think it was inappropriate

    • "Deleted," I see. Well, I didn't get that being done to me, but I have, as I say, got Remarks removed because maybe the Sore sport had Reported it. xx

  • Oh dear... it's probably a vampire who did it on Halloween... GAG is a spooky place these days :o :o

    • lol @Hans222 I doubt it but I will Up Vote you for Always Having a Bit of Hairy Scary Humor yourself.
      Thanks so much for Floating through. Maybe Today, Nove1st "All Saint's Day and His Blessed Birthday," it was Possibly Him (I believe in Good Spirits from the After Life) that Gave me this Helping Hand here, dear, and No, Never "Spooks" from Halloween who can be Mean.:)) xx

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    • Well Paris... since India has over a Billion inhabitants the chances will always be very very small that you'd run into one of the bad guys.
      I would still go have a cup of tea or coffee with your friends, they're far too precious to drop them :o

    • No, I don't Plan on "Dropping them" and if I would, They would have "Dropped me First." My friends over there have been friends for years, and still send me Holiday cards through th email, not Virtual ones.
      I will work it out, believe me. Good friends like these are not Born nor Bred in every Crack nor Corner, @Hans222, and I just May one day get Brave and very Spontaneous as I have been known to be, on top of being known for "Wise," and take my Chance at my own 5 and 1/2 years of still being Married to a Muslim Man over in Egypt, "Romance, and Just... Book.
      I have Passport, I still can Travel, Thank God, unless my own Corrupt government swipes IT out from under me, which "Let them Try and Do It, these Losers!"xx

  • GAG has changed. Somehow or the other they located my FaceBook address. without my knowledge. I never gave them my FaceBook account details , but they have it with them. I am operating GAG with my Yahoo email. It is not good on their part to know about my FaceBook details.

    • Oh, my, well, @xHoneyxBeex Was around today and Gave her own Input. I will imagine she Might return if she sees your Legitimate Complaint, and this By Far, is Very Crucial and Great Information for Other People on Gag, who might Catch this Impertinent Info to Be Aware and Beware of.
      I know myself, I am able to Connect through FB, but mainly Do so with my Email account.
      However, if you have had this happen to you, if She doesn't Return, You should take it up with @GirlsaskGuys, and they should Investigate for you.
      This Unacceptable and not Right if They had a hand in this. It is your own Right as a Member Here, to Offer on your own at home, What you Want them to have, and if they Obtained This without your Permission, BIG Violation and this Should be "Removed" at once. Along with some Inappropriate material on here, this should Take Precedence "Above the Law."
      I don't know too if you Realize that as of October 1st of this Year, dear, we Lost our "Internet Rights." How sad is that? xx

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    • And what about having a library to go through past articles. How can you locate past articles if you don't have a link? Is there a subject wise library?

    • I strictly have "Search. com" which is very Private, and No one's business like other "Search Engines." Thus Helps me Search for Everything under the Sun, hun. xx

  • I haven't noticed this, and a lot of my comments are in bad taste. I have heard of admins changing the titles of MyTakes or Questions, but never opinions.

    • "My World and Welcome to it," Must be I am "The First."xxoo

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    • Yeah, possibly. I would prefer my comment just being removed, to be honest. Rather than my opinion partly belonging to someone else in a way.

    • I agree with you. I would just "Appreciate" it if they feel it is good deal to "Remove" Mine for no really "Fair and Square" Reason, Please They Might Try and Take a Good Look at Another Man's Dirt at His/Her Door step. xx

  • I usually get my comments removed not altered
    Or my account gets frozen for 24 hours lol

    • Me as well, which as I say, Never happened before this Trump-Clinton deal, which has sure stirred up a Hornet's Nest. lol
      II am honored then.. No one "Removed" MY Good Point.
      Ah, speaking of Trump, Pence is now in my own Home State, making as speech as I write this. xx

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    • lol!!! Me neither. Let us Hope Before Nov8, the FBI will FIRST "BUILD A CASE" against the Con. xxoo

    • I doubt it will lead to anything.
      She has the FBI and so many business interests backing her up.

      I am hoping she loses the election. That way when the Donald takes over she can be put on trial fairly

  • what was the post? maybe you can see in the cache what got changed

    • @Yumix, Thank you, but I am not Saying
      I would rather not disclose. I like to avoid any more drama, but thank you for your concern. I have it handled, just curious now and wanted to know if anyone had these problems here.
      What you Can do to Help, for I didn't get a "Like" and maybe too No "Look," is Go Back to the Question you had Posted with Problems with Your celly. Perhaps You just you Overlooked it but I wrote a Long Paragraph of What the problem Most likely Was on your own cell.
      I see it appears to be Back in good standing. Didn't get a reply of what the problem was.
      Thanks so much, we both got our problem solved. lolxx

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    • @saud1998 lol!!!
      zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xxoo

    • me is perfect? nah

  • I don't think so not that have noticed

  • i know, moderation here sucks big time. Great question @Paris13 xxoo

    • Thank you so much, @lazermazer, I appreciate your Fabulous as always Great Energy.
      It was Not even bad enough to be Gone with (Never had this happen either until the election deal began here. lol) but it is still standing, I would assume.
      Oh, when Sparrow was on, great gal, she offered me Mod a long time ago but I never wanted it. lol I have "Enough" to do here, dear, and trouble that I get myself in wit some "Trolling and slow Strolling.
      Thank you again for stopping by, I love the great feed back, and nice for a change to simply be as One on here. xxoo

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    • me too, xxoo

    • lol I follow, I follow uu. xx

  • i have seen mine deleted lol xx

  • I haven't observed it yet.
    Have a nice day😀

    • @iceEverestere, and Yes, I did get your message last nite and think I answered you.
      lol New pix again? I liked the Other 2, hun.
      You too, and be safe, dear. xxoo

    • Yeah, I received the message. Well, In my profile page there is something I wrote in the About me section that explains why pics are changing so random and chaotic lol😂😂😂

    • lol!! I will look now, quiet now.. Thanks, bro!! xx

  • they rewrite titles sometimes!

    • lol!! Wow, really? How about "Drama Queen of Mean?" I wonder if That is in their own "Book of Look?"xx

  • No. O_o

    • Hi, @Harpesian, Thank you for stopping by. I am Delighted to see that we Still are friends, and I so Appreciate you taking the Time to Voice a Very Important Opinion. This means so much to me because it Came from your own Soft Heart that Means so Much. xx

    • Thanks! I just seriously hope our opinions aren't being changed, because doesn't that ruin the whole point of this site?

    • @Harpesian, well, I just Now Saw this Notification you had sent me and Conveniently if I had Not Looked, I would Never have been to answer to it.. Who is lurking behind their computer curtain? lol
      They do what they want here, and with Whom, Pick and Slick.
      My Main "point" to Being on this Site, besides being involved with Special Friends, is to Help Others, not Hurt them. However, will never hear it from them. lolxx

  • Yes once somebody wrote some offensive post on my take. I replied and asked why they are coming here and being so rude. To see later my comment was removed for being offensive? Wtf?

    • Yes, Gag will "Remove" things tha tis Reported it seems or What they feel is a bad deal as well.
      This certain comments were "Rearranged" on the Asker's question I had Replied to, but GAG didn't Remove it. I got no message in my box so was wondering perhaps if a new Change had been added for they are always making new changes, good and bad. lolxx

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    • Hi, Blue,
      Sure, when I get a moment, would be able to Untangle this web here, dear. lolxx

    • Thanks would appreciate it

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  • Question or myTake titles may sometimes be edited when we promote that content. However, Opinions or Replies are never edited or "changed." If the post actually violates the rules, it will be removed. However, GirlsAskGuys does not simply edit comments.

    • I don't know what happened, Perhaps some Higher Avenues, who knows, I don't care, just Curious as I have stated, which is why I posted.
      But for now, it That "Other"made a Fair and square point, and it was Not disrespectful at all. It was more "Appropriate " than some dude this morning , Posting and Boasting about a "Black "C", "which I see is still getting Big hits. xx

    • lol!! The "Black C" gave me MHO today. I thanked him graciously and now "The Question is closed."xxoo

    • @Red88xxx Maybe this will help you here, dear. xx

  • I haven't noticed any changes to any opinions or replies I've shared. The only changes I've seen were slight ones on a couple of my Takes.

    • @EmpatheticLady, Today, it happened to me while I was on with a friend. I was surprised myself. Also with this, I never had anything ever Remove.
      However, with this crazy election Raw Big Deal and all, Many of us who post and boast or vent, it's a Sore Subject on Gag, along with many other NO First Choice Top Topics. s
      Someone, even today, Must have reported it. Mods are good but cannot "See" everything. This One I "Caught" and this is Why I had Posted. xx

  • No I haven't had this happen to me before but I think they should inform you with like a private message or something saying we've changed your comment blah blah blah. Xx

    • @crazywaves28
      Yes, They DO when they want to totally Remove My Comment. A few times they have come to my Inbox and messaged Me of it. I always wondered why they would remove it? I think some sore sports Reported it. But that is okay, because more than i way to skin a kitty cat to scat. lolxxoo

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    • Lucky you!! Relax and take it easy xx

    • lol!! I can rest now, you came back. xxoo

  • I did a 'spicy' my take a long time ago, back when they had just changed from the old site to the new. Someone changed up the title and added some risqué photos that made my eyes pop (with embarrassment) I mean... it's MY user name that was on it right? Took me a while to get accustomed lol but my response to a question has not been edited thus far.

    • Wow!! @SweedyPie, this is what I mean!!! They go and behind your back, which is Whack, and Bingo!! They did it to me by"Rearranging" my words and it was like, WTF! lol But the main thing i sI still made my point and I also got to keep it. xxoo

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    • Exactly! I like how you phrased that, I wish the admins were watching

    • lol!! @SweedyPie, I'm sure Some are Looking and Lurking, especially after What I have been Posting. However, they have a Mind of their own, and Decide what to Add, Subtract or just Leave Alone. lolxx

  • I got a comment deleted/removed for telling a girl that her confidence was shit and that it wasn't societies responsibility to coddle her.

    I suppose it was kind of justified.

    • @CarlyCBC I suppose depending Who "Finds it" and who either Accepts it or Who Finds it Offenisve or maybe even SHE "Reported it (It can also be Reported on The question if you find the Asker is being Offensive ) so this is probably Why.
      I never start firs ton anyone, hun. People on a sore subject will "Challenge" me first usually so now I find I have to "Fight back"back but do it Diplomatically, and even then, THEY decide if I am too "Dippy" in Doing it.. Sometimes, more often than this, Unfair now a days.
      I have seen Plenty of No Good "Good N Plentys" Absurd Questions and even PIX, linger on like a bad smell. xxoo

  • Never happened to me except once my question was removed by gag being too explicit.

    • lol!! @modeve you? I bet it was a Question Where "Snow White had Finally Got naked with one those Dwarfs."
      I bet it was mild but they found it on the "Mild Wild Side."
      Thanks, dear, wish you well. xxoo

    • Thanks.

    • Welcome. xxoo

  • No I don't think that's ever happened to me

    • I was curious because I was not notified even in my inbox of this "Rearrangement" Made today.
      lol I work better alone though when it comes to my own opinion. xxoo

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    • Thank you, you're so sweet 😊

    • @babeeeone, Thank you, and I should Come on and Compliment more Often to Those who are, Not just a Following/Follower, but a Friend as well.
      Thank you for Reminding Me of my Own Manners, hun.:)) xxoo

  • Not had this happen myself but surely that's a bit naughty...

    • @Pearl85, I think this is Why you "Put finger to lips," you know what they Indiscreetly are able to do here, dear. lol
      However, I thought by now, after nearly 3 years coming up on here, GAG would know "Paris13 works better alone at hone."xxoo

    • *Home xx

  • Nope, never happened to me. Or I haven't noticed it yet.

    • @auroa_v Thanks for stopping by. I never had ever been "Removed" with my comments before. But since the election deal and the Big desalings tha thave gone on in Gag here, I may have said a fe things that were Reported by another so Ga gwill Message you an dtell you they are "Removing it."
      What I want to to know today, is I Put something as I was going over it with another friend of mine on that Asker's Question, and suddenly, within like 10 minutes, for he messaged Back so naturally I saw he had, 1nd bingo, it was 'Rearranged<" Shortened and "Different" between the friend and myself. The answer to the Asker question was simple but maybe the Asker got his undies in a twist and Reported it. lol
      No one has had it where they "Edited" this. lol I have been suggesting for a long time now, like on FB, let us do our own Edits... I work better alone at home. lolxx

    • @aurora_v Got your message just now, thanks, hun. xx

  • yes, on a myTake. Title was changed and they added a picture -.-

    • Hey, Pretty kitty,(I love cats!!) I do recall seeing that Things such as This nature has been done on Gag's own end. Which is cool. It is "My Take."
      However, to Magically "Rearrange" a Comment, I was just curious as to what this was? lol But not all is lost, for it's still there and I Made my point. xx

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