Why is it that if you have an opinion other than Loon Bat left Man/white/traditional = evil you are trolled and blocked on this site?

My advice NEVER BELIEVE someone especially a mod who asks for honest opinions. They are all just trying to push their radical ideals on you! No matter how calm and logical you are YOU ARE ALWAYS TO BLAME if they disagree with you! The mods and some others on this site are radical jokes.

  • The mods and admins are Left wing loon bats
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  • Mostly Everyone else is left wing loon bat trolls
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  • My view is everyone is entitled to opinion and once you don't abuse it is fine which goes for all sides


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  • I have firm beliefs that go against the norm. I have had plenty of thumbs down on my post, but nobody has blocked me (to my knowledge). I make sure I back up my opinions with facts or personal experiences. I don't belittle people for their contradictory opinions and I try not to insult them the best I can.

    It could be the presentation you're using.


What Guys Said 1

  • White, heterosexual, cisgendered males don't deserve an opinion, bro.

    • In reality, we always get to have an opinion but it doesn't mean we should be allowed to give opinions that are downright racist, sexist, homophobic and somewhere along the lines. You need to correct yourself and realize why it's wrong. Try to observe the world in their point of view.
      @geniunelysensitive, you didn't state what your opinion was about so i'm assuming that it was actually bad. Try to be less offensive and you won't get blocked by us left wingers, okay?

    • Who determines what is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc? You?

    • You are racist, sexist, and just a hateful human being. I hope you burn in Hell next to all your KKK comrades who do the exact same thing, but to different people.

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