To further improve this site I would like to see this feature, what do you think?

Hello. Right now when posting a question you can allow both girls and guys of only 1 gender to answer. Sometimes I may need only answer from certain age groups. When I answer something that is related to lets say a lot of life experience I don't want to waste my time read 12 years old answers pretending to have lived anything.

I think GAG should add age groups as filters too in addition to gender filter so I can at least choose filters like : "at least 18 years old, not more then x years old", at least 16 and" so on.
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This isn't to discriminate against anyone, because sometime even small ages may be mature enough or vice verse. In my opinion this will be a nice feature to save time to the question owner. Consider a married person asking something about marriage and wants opinion from other people married or in relationship, I don't think opinions from 12 13 years old people will be helpful to them, they will just waste time reading them.

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In addition with the same logic, it would be great for us to filter questions not only by gender but by age too.


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  • Hi! Thanks for your feedback! We'll take your suggestion into consideration as we continue to make improvements to GirlsAskGuys. :)


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  • I would say it is not needed for the following reasoning:
    1.) How can it be abused is always the first question I ask. For this, I can imagine an overly sexual question being asked to minors. There are already a number of sexual questions asked by people to fulfill the person's fetish or whatever. Pedophilia could be more pronounced. Dating site questions, like "is there any girl between __ and __ who'd like to chat?" may increase.
    It may not happen, but it has the potential too.

    2.) It would make things more difficult to answer. If this site had a much larger user base, I think it would be more viable. However, the more restrictions you place on a question-- gender, age, categories, anon/non anon, closed questions, etc. the less answers are receieved for specific types and also the more frustration it creates for the user base. It is annoying enough when you click on a question because you feel you have a solid answer, only to see it is for girls only and/or closed. It'd be really annoying if I went to answer something but then they only wanted answers from 19 year olds, or only answers from 21 year olds.
    Yahoo Answers has a problem with this in their categories (or at least they used to). They have so many different categories which makes it so that some categories get hardly any site traffic. This creates questions with no answers, which is one reason why I stopped going to there.

    3.) There are younger users who can still give insightful advice. I remember seeing a question about divorce before, asking for help. A 14 or 15 year old described that their parents had gone through divorce in a similar situation, and then she offered some really useful detailed info from her perspective. It would say it was much more helpful than some other age groups who gave vague "do it" or "don't do it" responses. She even got MHO for it.
    Age and wisdom are not necessarily correlated. Everyone's life is different and can offer unique viewpoints.

    4.) ... And even if a younger user does not give insightful advice, all it takes is ignoring the person. Nothing says OP has to read the answers they are given. OP can ignore everything-- it's his question on a free advice site. It takes half a second to see a number by the person's name.

    In conclusion, I argue the tradeoff you present (more restriction for less wasted time) is not worth it because time would still be wasted in different ways, and other side effects, as presented above, would create a negative impact.

    • Building off of point 4, does a perspective, even if crappy, have any negative impact? It's a free site, so no money is wasted. As far as I'm concerned, it can only offer benefits apart from time. I think the tradeoff for time is worth it though for the positive potential. Likewise, if someone doesn't know a question, there is less of a chance that they'll answer it in the first place.

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    • I believe hurt may be too strong of a word, but I feel it would inconvience users who are restricted on questions they click on. (I. e. The 17 year old who can't answer an 18+ only question). The people who get restricted lose potential questions they could answer.

      However, you also mention, if I understood correctly, the search bar? They actually had a filter about a year ago. It made it so a person could filter question askers. They had a filter for gender (which they still have) and a filter for age. They may have had a time filter too. Can't remember.
      However, the GAG staff removed it for the reasoning "hardly anyone used it."

      I am with you on a having a question filter for search bars or on the homepage. That I think would be great since a user could filter what questions they want to answer. I am against having a filter on question creations (aka who can answer your question). People would lose something there, as described per my earlier opinion.

    • I forgot to mention that the users won't see the questions that they can't answer. That should be implemented to, so they don't lose their time by reading question that they can't answer. For example if I make a question for both genders and 16+ age, people under 16 won't even see my question in the feed or questions / topics page. It is a win win nobody loses their time.

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  • The problem is that many of the 21-29yo's are actually still in high school and for one reason or another lie about their age here.

  • I don't think age necessarily defines how qualified somebody is to answer a question. It will just limit the possibilities of getting a good answer.

  • If that happens every teen in this site will be out of almost everything
    Anyways feel free to do it admins

  • Nope.

    • Thanks for the opinion. I hope you got it right, the feature is optional which means that only question owners that wants to use it can use it. It is no different then filtering by boys or girls only that already exist, just one more filter to save question owner time or to filter questions by age and gender.

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    • I just don't see the point. This site is about sharing ideas and opinions and that just limits them. It reminds me of people that block anyone that argues with them.

    • I see, well this has nothing to do with people blocking each other because argue :D that is plain unmature and stupid. This is just to save time, if I ask some question and want answers from certain gender or age only it saves my time no one is hurt. Anyway I respect your opinion just curious to knew your reasoning :D

  • good idea. i hate when young idiots answer my question pretending like they know what they are talking about. you're 16, dont give me relationship advice


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  • I feel you're on the right track with this and I think it just comes down to the fact they allow people under 18 on this site in general throws me off. I mean I'm not going to answer some 14 year old girls question about why this guy at school won't sit next to her at lunch. I shouldn't even see that.

    I think its mainly just the young kids that are on this site, not necessarily an age group thing that should be implemented. Someone with some wisdom can always help, but you're right you don't need to hear a 12 year olds perspective on your dating problems.

    • Yes I want it to be optional nothing forced. People should have the freedom to allow certain ages to answer the questions that their own same as they can do with genders now. Also I want a feature to filter questions not only by gender but by age too so the time I spent on this site I can see better questions. I see it as a win win this addition because if someone still wants to see all questions or allow anyone to answer just don't use the age filter, simple as that...

    • I know if they try to stop people from signing up if they are under 18 they will just lie, but honestly. I mean I hate to break it to someone, but your middle school romance is never going to go anywhere and there's no point of even getting on the internet to ask about it. I think thats the thing that has always bothered me the most on here.

  • I concur.


  • Nope, GaG will never do this! This site is now a social media page, and social media pages appeal to teens as the primary or secondary market.

  • I like to leave my stuff open - A 14 year old could have a different life experience to me and know something I don't.

    • yes you can do that with the feature that I propose. The filtering is optional, if someone doesn't want to use it they won't use it, no big deal. If you want to filter questions or limit answers you just use age filter from x age up to y age, simple as that.

  • That's a great idea, I support it.

  • tldnr.

  • I would say that sounds like a good idea but there are teens that are more intelligent than a adult so they could just wasting their time changing it.

  • Yeah i think gag should have an 18+ filter than blocks off the question from under 18. This way when we are discussing sexual stuff that may involve nudity such as a question on nipple clamps we don't get our question taking down for being "Too explicit".

    • I find that the most annoying. Hell, even a little too much skin or sexual content in text can get it taken down because apparently we want to protect the under 18 group.

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    • I never alluded to having hard core porn or anything but say a girl has a question asking people if this looks like a lump in her breast. She can't post up pics because gag will take it down for being too explicit.

    • I know bro didn't say you allured hardcore porn I meant "hardcoded" which means fixed value ex only 18 and up. I want the filter to be custom so the user enters the value of minimal age, or age interval for example from 15-30 years can answer only and so on.