Member of the decade award? What do you think?

GAG is about to turn 10 years old soon. So what do you think about having a member of the decade award? Also who would you suggest?


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  • @ixi10 Noone will ever get near her points total of 240k - If its yourself, you were the only one close with 180k when you retired your old account - Especially with new Xper scoring regime.

    • Wow, I was discovered very easily. Well now I have like 210-220 in total with my old account. I think you must have more than 100 in total possibly, with your 4 accounts.

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    • @mikemx55 It has changed though it is only 1 Xper for answering now and1 for being first of gender, the 15 minute one is gone

    • Thanks for MHO

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