If the asker does not pick a mho way past the time the question is closed, would you like the moderator of gag to pick one?

I think this will help some people have higher mho, especially if their answer was the best but the question asker just did not want to pick any.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Actually, an algorithm picks MHO after a month. You get less Xper points for it (3 vs 7 if the asker picks) but it still counts towards your MHO percentage. It's not very satisfying for the people who shared opinions, so I always pick MHO on my questions.

    Sometimes the algorithm picks opinions the asker never would have, especially with troll questions. Here is an example:


    • Thank you, I did not know this

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    • So if only one person answered do they automatically get picked?

    • I would have assumed so but I don't actually know.

      Thank you for MHO!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Either that, or put the Undecided questions into a category where the GAG users to vote on it like Yahoo Answers used to do a few years back.


What Guys Said 2

  • The system chooses an MHO after 30 days

  • nah. too much work


What Girls Said 1

  • No that's too far. The question asker is the only person qualified to decide who is mho. If I take a break from gag for example and come back a month later to see some of my closed answers had an mho chosen for me I would not only feel violated but I'd be pissed

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