Have you ever had this feeling about a ex that kept nagging you? But you were unsure what it was that was nagging you?

I known something about my ex girlfriend is nagging me but i can't find out what. I keep just putting it to the back of my mind or hoping it go's away but it still comes back every now and then it kicks me in the cheast or just annoys me. When ever i got this feeling fot some reason i try logging into my old facebook that i was locked out from after a friend tried hacking it. But i haven't been able to log into it and this feeling is not going away even if it doesn't bug me at much it does annoy me. Pss i am also in a very happy relationship right now with a very cool person i do love her and the feeling i have for her are very close to that am in love with u feelings. just thought i put that out there incase people ask


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  • nope ı didn't


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