Can someone help me understand the xper point system?

I attempted to cash in my 750 xper points for a post... I did not see a point deduction after my request was submitted. How long does it take for that to process? Did I do something wrong? Maybe walk me through how you guys did it and how long it


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  • Here this will help

    When you feature a question it takes a while for the server to recognise it. Also Xper is calculated once a day at a certain time. So if it did take it. Then it would be taken away at that time.

    • the issue is that I used the redeem points button and it give me a set of directions for 750 (keeping your post, on top for a day) I followed them. I did this Friday night. No points have been deducted... did it work or is it going to be done at a later date which to me at this point has little to no purpose now.

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    • you really helped and stayed with me through the conversation, thank you!

    • Your welcome

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  • There are two totals - Your full total and your redeemable total that is separate where the Xper you use is taken from.

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