Deleting MyTakes?

Hey guys,
do you think like questions, GAG users should have the option to delete a MyTake if they don't like it or at least have the option to edit it.


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  • Editors already have the option to edit. I would've liked to have been able to edit my Takes as well, though, so yes. I do agree with the editing portion for all users.

    • They do? Where is that option?

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    • The editing feature applies to editors, it is located at the bottom of a published mytake. It is important to note however that if your take is under viewing (by fellow members of the G@G staff) that you will not be able to edit during that time. So it's always good to proof read before you post.

    • Its only for a day

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  • I think we should have the option to delete questions and myTakes at any time for any reason..

    • Agree with you there!

  • It should be optional


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