Does anyone else think about the chance that a question could be about them on this website?

Just looking at the questions have you ever looked at one and thought "oh shit, this sounds like my situation"

I have and I always read the opposite sexes opinion and take it into consideration lmao...

Maybe I'm skeptical or narcissistic?


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  • Yeah I know what you mean - Wow that would be freaky - Especially if you found hard to work who other person was - I don't recall any offhand that I thought were me specifically


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  • Yeah and it wouldn't surprised me if there is a question about me on this website after considering the amount of weirdos who have shown so much interest in me...

    • Lmfao!! Which one was the worst?

    • Ugh an ex friend who tried to force me to be in a relationship with her.

    • Ha that's really freaking awkward... that must've been the worst!

  • Not me, I am not in any relationship at the moment... which could be a good and bad thing But I do have a couple of girls that I have technically dated in the past, but that was years ago.

    But yeah, I get your point. I'm going to be extra careful in specific sections not that I will be able to monitor all sections at all times.

    It would be great if I caught my future relationship on here and posted to the point where her response was "babe?"


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  • No, not anymore.

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