Do you like the "My Conversations" section of opinions?

When you reply to any opinion or provide your own, it show up on top of the girls/guys opinion sections. So, if you ask a question and reply to every opinion, ALL of them show up in the conversations section. That means that male and female opinions will blend together (at least mine do, since I sort by time).

I don't like this feature at all. It can be useful when I'm on someone's question, but it is annoying when I ask a question. Often times I will have a question that becomes popular, and I get a lot of interesting responses, so I reply to the majority of those that say an opinion. When I get reminded to choose an MHO later on, it is really difficult to sort through all of the male opinions and all of the female ones. (That is why I rely on the "like" feature to quickly find opinions that were helpful.) I really, strongly, dislike the "My Conversations" feature. It makes me less likely to choose an MHO now.
(I also dislike the new site update, but I can get used to it.)

How do you feel about it?

  • Yes, I do
  • No way
  • It's alright
  • Stop complaining! It will stay this way, and that's final.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • You are right especially if you comment on a lot of opinions on a question, when you get a notification, it gets complicated


Most Helpful Girl

  • I haven't even seen a my conversations tab :(


What Guys Said 2

  • Yes, cause it makes it easier to find. If there's like 30 opinions and I'm discussing something on one, if it's not at the top, I have to scroll down and find it, and it's a pain in the ass.

    • I enjoy scrolling down and having everything in a neat list.

  • It's alright. I don't care about it.


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