#GaGHallOfFame nominations! If you can nominate 5 current (as in profiles are active) users to the GaG Hall Of Fame , who would you nominate?

Weighing in all of the factors (activity level in the community of this site, overall quality of posts, content of posts, tenure, overall reputation/popularity, personality, etc.),

Which GaGers would you nominate to the #GaGHallOfFame? Why these users in particular over the hundreds of active users this site has?


Anonymous is allowed if you want to keep your nominations ballot private.

Let's have some fun with this, everyone. Thank you for your participation!


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  • @Klauttu51 who is still Here, dear, in Gag Town, and Whom I still Keep in Touch with from Time to Time Online, is always on my Mind and Never Forgotten nor Forsaken. He has Made Me what I am Today, I am Grateful to him, and He will Always be a Legend on Gag, no doubt about it. Thank you, CheeseB. xx
    @Saoirse_Nua, who has been Here as a This Larger than life Legacy on Gag for as Long as I have been on Gag, is a Man who Many Could and Should Learn from. And no Matter where He may Go for awhile, He always Comes back with his Usual Bright Smile and Most Wise Advice. Thank you, sir, for Always being Neutral and Not Pointing Fingers. This Political Theater has made a Few Hard feelings but the Rest of the Best are still Here and No Hard Feelings.
    @OrdinaryGentleman, I believe I know his "Other Side," but I won't Say to this Day. I do Know the "Side" that I do Surely Miss, and that Is, this Pussyfooting Around Gag Town, a Frown, and yet, his Usual Act as a Clown that is just Pur-Fect for me.
    @Prof_Don, Kutos to you. Beautifully Done, hun. xx


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