Can someone explain what's on with the videos shared here?

Whenever a video, that was shared here, ends some random video from Air. tv starts playing, which is not always ok, since they have nothing to do with the video shared.

Can someone explain why the hell is this happening?

If there is an administrator, can you do something to remove such feature?

Here is a random video so you can see what I'm writing about:

Can someone tell?


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  • Some videos down loaded here after they finish playing start loading again with advertisements. I have experienced it. I just stop them from playing further.

    • but why? it's annoying

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    • The should promote something we can buy, not the lives of some random person who I don't care about. From all the add videos I've only liked one, a recipe.

    • They have found a sponcer---Air. TV

  • well that is really odd
    it must be a advertisement


What Girls Said 1

  • I have no idea what's happening, but is not good, it's really annoying, troublesome, bothersome, irritating, inconvenient, obtrusive, irksome, vexed, bothering, trying, unwelcome, aggravating, plaguy, importunate, objectionable, ill-at-ease...