Why is it a question was just taken down asking how much women cheat?

Why is it a question was just taken down asking how much women cheat?A simple question was asked on GAG, on the percentage of women who cheat and people were giving numbers around 55% of women cheat. The question got taken down by GAG admins and i'm like WTF? I mean are the admins really this is big of white knights that they would take down a simple question asking about the percentage of women who are likely to cheat?

Poll Question: Are gagers not allowed to talk about anything that may paint women in less than favorable light on here?

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  • GaG are notorious for having some individual moderators and admins who remove posts that aren't against the TOS.

    With that out of the way, the cheating thing is tricky since people always measure it their own way and you could get numbers from 25 to 65% based on what study you use. 25% being the lowest you'll ever get though when you add up the annual rate of infidelity.
    Male infidelity is pretty much identical. Which gender cheats more tends to swing from year to year and study to study.


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  • It may have been removed due to it being "Antagonistic" or "Offensive". Many of those types of posts often have serious sexist tones, use false claims/statistics and aren't made to encourage healthy debate but to stir and to cause a fight.

    "Healthy debates are encouraged, but blatant racism, sexism, and attacks towards groups of people are not."
    "Personal attacks and posts that bait or antagonize are removed. "



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  • Depends, was it just a poll or did it have a baited description?

    • As i recall the question was "What percentage of women cheat?" and the question just had a poll with a percentage range with 10% increments.

  • Welcome to social media my friend- where the leftest agenda is shoved down your throat and everyone who doesn't agree is ether a bigot, racist, homophobic, etc.

  • I guess people don't like to hear the truth.

  • i read that question and it was using fake statistics just to "paint women in less than favorable light" we aren't 8 years old this is childish and i even commented on that question with evidence to proof the asker wrong

    • The question had no stats that i remember. Just a pole with different values asking what percentage of women cheated.

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