Girls, does any of this happen to you on gag with male gag users?

whenever there's questions like "are women more complicated than men", and half the female users say yeah and i say no, there will be a butt load of men users coming after me and calling out of my gender because i didn't stoop to what they wanted me to say.
do any of you get this as well?
how bad does it get?
do you have to block any of them?
do they leave you alone once you agree with them?
tell me your stories!


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What Girls Said 2

  • Of course this happens.
    How dare any female respect and stand up for herself, right?

  • yesss. That happens to me on GaG way too often. Where a male (usually anon) user will ask why girls do certain things like give theri number but not reply to texts. If I reply with something like 'She might've been busy or was simply not interested', the op will reply with a bitchfit about how 'of course hte feminism has gone to my head'. He'll block me, and then usually his legions of redpillers will shorty after start tag-teaming me. Calling me manipulative, delusional, you name it.

    • wow!! this happened to me yesterday! the guy mentioned feminist and tried using biology to confirm his sick sexist thinking.